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Thorns in the sand

  • Thread starter LynneOfMagincia
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Long, thick and green....With one hand she pushed the thorn into the sand beside the Horseshoe until it disappeared beneath the granules. One knee planted she released and waited as the pale smoke began to rise. Dust and age drifted into the atmosphere giving off the slightest scent of antique soil like that of tomb disturbed for the first time in hundreds of years. For Lynne, that smell happened daily when this same ritual occurred at roughly the same time.

Watching the jagged hole open before her she waited until it was just wide enough to fit her hips through and shimmied down within it. Walking slowly forward she made her way to the nest of tan eggs. Her eyes scanning the flooring for remnants of the indigenous purple mushrooms she grabbed at the few that had started their cycle of regrowth. Pulling out her quill and folded up parchment she took down her notes and made her way back down the corridor to the hole she had shimmied through. Pulling herself up she braced her weight on her forearms.

"The Queen will want to know how her babies are doing..."

Once out she stuffed her notes into the back of her skirt and flipped open her runebook. The spell was easy, second nature and with the flick of her fingers she was in Minoc peering into an identical hole as the one she had created beside the Horseshoe. This one was a permanent fixture however and a good 3 feet wider than what the thorn had created. Sliding down to her rump and turning at the waist she used the flat of her hands to push off effectively vaulting her into the cavern below.

She could maneuver through these tunnels blindfolded if need be with as many times as she had visited. The series of twist and turns needed to get to the center required no thought on her part and in little time the set of four junctions were surrounding her with the water barrels bookending her within.

Click, click, Chattering, clack, chatter, click

Her highness, the Solen Queen, towered over Lynne's frame. Her bright green eyes gazed up into the oblong face making eye contact. Lynne could have been a juncture away and made eye contact.

"They're well. I check daily."

Chatter, clack, clack, clack, chitter

"Yes, I've heard. Their movements... In Britannia and on its seas have been brought to my attention."

Chatter, click, click, clack, clack, clack

"Thank you for keeping us updated. I trust you know of the developments on our end as well?"

Chitter, click

"It's almost complete."

The hint of a smile slipped its way across Lynne's face. If you knew how to read the soil when it rumbled there was a variety of things it could tell you. The Solen were experts at it and their alliance paid the dividends. Reaching into her pack she withdrew three seeds. Each of them a separate primary color she knelt down placing them in front of her where the Queen could easily retrieve them. Backing up slowly she lowered herself in a curtsy and withdrew from the inner chamber.