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(Thorgrim) Dark Haven, Destruction guild looking for mature, casual players



Hola amigos, welcome to Dark Haven on Thorgrim!

Dark Haven is the destruction side of Safe Haven an online community that was started several years ago and moves from game to game. We have people playing in WoW, EQ2, and even SWG and Vanguard! Online, you meet some great friends but end up losing touch with them, so SH was built, and now, through our forums at www.safe-haven.us, you can always keep in touch with your friends and if you go play a new game you'll be surrounded by old friends and other great folks that pass through our recruitment process.

We are a mature group of players who are aggressively casual. Which means that we are serious about progressing in WAR but we don't require attendance. We like to pvp together, quest together, and be social together. People become friends but even though we play together for so long we don't have cliques like most guilds do. If you join up with us you'll be treated just like everyone else from the start.

For us it is all about quality over quantity, we would turn away a hardcore player if we thought he was a jerk. Always looking for good natured mature people because we are more about the player than the character. My own pet peeve is leet speak so you'll never see that in /guild, I spell out all my words even in text messages. : )

Anyways thanks for your time, if you're interested come over and check out our forums at www.safe-haven.us/forums or contact Ashermarx ingame, or just do a /who dark haven on the Destro side.

Look forward to meeting you!

aka Ash


Dark Haven has moved to the Monolith server. See you there!

Dark Haven Guild Leader