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[Atlantic] This is not goodbye......

Lady Khaleesi

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Dear Fellow Governors, Developers, Event Moderators and the overall Community,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for some great times in the governor system. Nine Months: definitely reminiscent of a birthing experience. Painful at times, rewarding, though sometimes frustrating. The human element behind the pixel can be challenging. I have made some great friends through this journey that I hope to continue even as a layperson.

I will be stepping away from the governorship next term, but will remain as a support to whomever takes the seat. My real life job is very demanding in the winter season (Florida) and I don’t feel it fair to take the seat and not have the time to put into it. What I truly loved about this scenario was my character had the opportunity to voice ideas and views. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share an idea or two regarding the government program.

One of the things I enjoyed most as governor was promoting activity in the town, I found Events accomplished this very well. It would show enormous support to the governors to have the ability to lock things down for an event. Would there be any way to give the governor lock down ability in the town that for say a short period of time? Say 12 hours. I know there have been many events that we have spent countless hours on to prepare, planning, setting items up with just the right amount of time before it decays and then one person can disrupt all that work in 3 minutes. It's disheartening. This ability would accomplish not only showing support of the governors, but allow their hard work to continue on promoting the government system which has strengthened the community. I am unsure if this is a possibility, though a bit savvy with the computer, the writing of programs was not something I excelled in college. I also know there is the degree of trust involved and this privilege could be abused. But would be nice to hear some thought on how it might be accomplished. I know this was not just a Vesper trouble, others shared the same experience.

Another idea is to possibly arrange another private meeting during the month, for the King and actual governors, to discuss ideas prior to the "Community Counsel Meeting". There is so much that could be accomplished role play wise and it would also unite the governor's in an objective to have them work together toward one goal; a think tank system type. I know it is not an easy feat; overseeing nine cities and answering countless emails is daunting. I think this would help join the people of Britannia to work toward building a network/ community rather than against it.

Again, Its been a great run and I thank you for the honor of being a part of it.

Warmest Regards,