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Third Phase of Closed Beta, Yum, Yum!

Xel The Wanderer

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This is taken from the official US Aion website, and it's a little old bit still a light at the end of the tunnel for some of us who are patiently waiting for this bugger to make it to the North American and European shores:

June 18, 2008

In an announcement presented to company investors, NCsoft Korea announced the third phase of the Korean Aion Closed Beta Test (CBT) will start July 1st and end on July 20th.

Features available during this round of testing include Faction versus Faction combat in the Abyss, a zone where the two races battle for control of land, fortresses, resources and artifacts. Testers will also have the option of experiencing enhanced content such as item crafting, more quests, increased character level advancement and an improved user interface.

More information will be provided in the near future.

Please note: This announcement pertains to the Korean Closed Beta Test only. North American and European Beta Testing have not commenced nor has a schedule been announced.
The link can be found http://www.aiononline.com/us/news/latest_news/nc_korea_announces_the_third_p.html

If patience is a Virtue, then I'm a blinkin' Saint! Saint Sake-sama... Mmm... saaaaaake... :shots:


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Thanks Xel,

Aion is driving me insane. Its one of those games that i really want to play and get my hands on, but they are not letting me get close to it.

It kind of makes me wonder what the differences will be in the localizations, besides the obvious language changes.

Xel The Wanderer

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Hey, hey! Huge thanks for having an Aion Outlet here on Stratics! Big props to the folk behind the scenes and to the ones who are in the spotlight as well! :thumbup:

I'm glad that there's constructive progress on the game's development, and that's always a great sign. I know this next part is going to sound blinkin' cliché, but I've definitely been keeping up on on this bugger for too many seconds, minutes, hours, months, and years. Not that I'm obsessed or anything... like that kid in The Shining in which he'd say "Redrum! REDRUM!!!"

I like the fact that there really isn't a "good" or "bad" playable faction (at this time). There's a lot of shades of grey which, ironically enough, in a Fantasy setting that encompasses Aion also reflects what's in the real world: shades of grey with some pinstriped clouds thrown in the mix. Everyone's got a bit of light and dark, yin and yang, and perhaps we're defined by oneself as well as others if we're perceived as "good" or "bad", depending on one's perspectives, motives, and beliefs.

I am definitely with you when it comes to really wanting to sink my teeth into this game when (hopefully soon) North America will get its chances for the lovely beta. It seems that there's strong enough support whether its the financial investors as well as development, quality assurance, and player feedback to keep this game on the right track. I have no idea if the Powers-That-Be at NCsoft are trying to hit a deadline of sorts, but I'm sincerely glad that they're not rushing this bugger out.

Xel The Wanderer

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Hail Folks,

The Korean website, thisisgame.com has released some information as well as more screenshots pertaining to Aion. This screenshot is an Asmodian, one of the playable races. Please note that the wings don't have that bat-like appearance that was previously shown in earlier pics of Asmodians. Also note, the wings appear more feather-like; they look pretty blinkin' dark, almost black, and they look blinkin' sweeeeeet. I'm not sure if this wing customization or "upgrade" can only be attained through the Abyss or by fighting within the Abyss or if this is a complete rehash of the Asmodian wings altogether, so there you go. The Abyss has been introduced with the third release of the closed beta. From what I've read so far, it introduces open PvP as well as fortress sieges/mass PvP and certain items perhaps even some special titles can only be attained within the Abyss. I believe one of the quests within the Abyss actually involves killing a person from the opposite faction. This, of course, could change upon release, but I'm all for "Risk vs. Reward". :thumbup:

This next part is what caused me to lose my alcoholic beverages in my pants. Here are some cutscenes that help explain and perhaps introduce one of the perks within the Abyss: Fortress Blinkin' Capture Goodness. Here are three clips that explain the capturing goodness! Please enjoy! :thumbup:

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

After the watching the clips, I noticed a few things. In the first clip, I saw some guards as well as some big, arse baddie, which looked like the Balaur. It looked blinkin' tall and probably has the ability to cause one to implode with a passing glance. Continuing on, it looked like there was a blinkin' barrier or force field thingy surrounding the Fortress. Blinkin' cool. There were also some funky siege weapons being used by the attackers? I don't know if they were weapons or pets or circumsized phallus-like-objects, but they looked blinkin' brilliant; smacking the entrance from long-range. I noticed a player, a defender, within the Fortress near an upright-structure. I have no blinkin' idea what that was all about, but there you go. Please note, these clips are from AionHun over at youtube.com, respectively. It's only right to give the props out!

Well, there you go, more Aion information, and what this means is that I will shamelessly continue to drool and/or soil myself. Enjoy! :stretcher:

Xel The Wanderer

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Hail All,

Here are more clips of Aion goodness from the third phase of the closed beta, and holy blinkin' cripes, it looks gooooood. The videos can be found HERE, and you're able to see when the videos are added so you'll know which ones are up-to-date.

On another note, Ayase, the NCsoft Community Coordinator announced:

Ayase | Thursday, 3 July 2008

BRIGHTON, UK, July 2, 2008 — Fans of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games will get a first-hand look at some of the leading online games on the market this summer as NCsoft® makes appearances at some of the top entertainment consumer and trade shows in both Europe and North America.

At Comic Con International in San Diego, July 23-27, the NCsoft booth (#5209) will feature game stations set up for attendees to play the comic book inspired City of Heroes®, as well as other NCsoft games, Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa® and Exteel™. In addition to other booth activities, City of Heroes fanzine artist, Dave Hamann, will be on hand to draw City of Heroes’ character sketches for players.

A few days later, the spotlight will move to Brighton, England, where NCsoft Europe will open its doors to the media, presenting its highly anticipated fantasy MMO Aion®: The Tower of Eternity™ to select members of the press. Showing between July 29-31, this will be the first time for western journalists to see Aion since the summer of 2007.

August 20-24, Aion will be on display once again at one of the world’s largest computer and video games events, the Games Convention (GC) in Leipzig, Germany. Situated in Hall 3, Booth B20, the NCsoft booth will be the destination where consumers get to try the game out for themselves at several demo kiosks. Press will be invited to attend presentations of Aion at the Flashpoint booth, within the Business Centre (Booth J50).

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is the final stop for the NCsoft summer tour in Seattle, August 29-31. PAX continues to grow larger by the year and NCsoft will have a booth (#642) where attendees will have a chance to play Aion, as well as Exteel, Dungeon Runners™, City of Heroes, Guild Wars® and Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa®. Guild Wars’ fans will be treated to a special player tournament while Exteel and Dungeon Runners’ teams will conduct play sessions in PAX’ special LAN area. Additionally there will be speaking sessions in the convention center’s auditorium where fans can learn more about NCsoft games.
The article can be found HERE!

Looks like it's great news for people who are looking forward to this game, and from my perspective, the folk at NCsoft are taking a more aggressive approach to advertising Aion and getting the word out. Good times! :thumbup: