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[Great Lakes] Thinking about starting to sell pets and would like a price range


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The Cu is nice, couple+ mill on my shard. It would be worth more in white or black. I'd be interested in him depending on what shard you play, since I'm not too big on colors. The first dragon isn't worth squat, I don't care how high his hit points are. The resists are bad and his skills won't train all that high. The second two are better, a pvp tamer might like the second dragon for a fair bit....10M+? The third one about the same. Seriously, cull that first dragon...I have an 822 HP drag that will tear him to shreds. He sucks.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The pricing depends strongly of the shard you're in, so being on drachs myself I wouldn't be able to help you with that.

I just wanted point out that if you want someone to be able to give you an accurate price you probably should give the max wrest, tactics resisting spells and magery your GDs will have when fully trained.

The stats and resists are important but the max skill levels for the 4 that can go over GM are just as much when evaluating a GD IMO.

Oh and very nice Cu by the way ! What a find ! A high rating pet and in one of the semi-rare colors no less :thumbup: