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THIEF Atlantic


Hello, I've taken a leave of absence for quite some time. Even returned from a long enough time to see that the game is free to play now. I did just renew my subscription for now to see how things have change. I'm still the GM of THIEF Atlantic, and still part of the alliance that it was a part of. I don't know if any of the alliance is active anymore and once on a rare occasion I have spotted a couple of other thieves, that actually follow the code.

I'm looking to revive this network of hoodlums, whether it will be forming another alliance, or just getting together with other thieves. The profession is still at a low point. I still have my character on Siege, but he's no longer a part of the THIEF guild there, Barter Town. Is Chad still around anymore these days? I had to register a new username because my old one was nonexistent (MagicNinja).