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(RP) They Who Watch


The Gazer floated serenely through the forest without making so much of a sound or a trace in the underbrush.

In the distance he heard enough sound to spoil the calm for miles. The thud of an Ogre's foot; the cackle of a Lich; the shriek of a Harpy. A moment later the sound of fighting filtered through the trees. He heard an Ettin arguing with itself. The Gazer focused his vision in that direction and saw it. Each of its heads apparently wanted to walk in a different direction and couldn't agree, pulling its body left and right in a futile struggle.

As amusing as this was the Gazer continued on its way without reacting. The woods were already deeply noisy, so why add to the cacophony? Full of mindless beasts like that Ettin or the ruined body and mind of a mage twisted into a Lich. Still, the Gazer had more in common with those noisy creatures than with the others.

Arrogant meddlers and moralists. Defilers and intruders. They drew power from the ether and gave no thought to their actions. They couldn't see anything. Their world was in constant unbalance because of unobservant actions.

Gazers saw everything.

He reached his favorite hill-clearing in the trees and stopped, hovering in the air with his giant eye closed. Here, deep in the woods, away from the noise and lights of the major cities of the East the Gazer could peer up at the heavens and see what the stars would say about the world to come. Like he and the other Gazers before him in this spot he could read the flow of the ether across the sky and attempt to see into time itself. This peace wouldn't last long. Eventually something from the forest would stumble along disturbing him. Maybe even one of them would happen by and jump right into drawing a sword or casting a spell. For all their cleverness at blowing things up with magic the others still had not even begun to master the subtle arts of prophecy.

After a moment the Gazer opened his upturned eye and peered out towards the sky above. The ether swirled around the heavens in patterns and noise. Pinpoints of star light alternatively drew it in as particulate or repelled it into threads cascading into each other. This light burned across the sky unobstructed as Trammel and Felucca were both completely obscured tonight. The tapestry of the sky presented itself in this way from one end of the horizon to the other.

In this grand canvas the Gazer could perceive many things normal and expected. He began searching the stars which personally spoke to him. Nothing out of the ordinary there. His vision turned North and saw the constant, reassuring presence of the familiar nebula which all Gazers hold dear. It pulsed in colorful, comforting beauty. He saw the ripples of ether which represented the past. The breaking of the Gem still echoed across time. The regular crush of light in the East focused into a halo over Verity Island told the Gazer that the mages of Moonglow were hard at work pulling the ether from the heavens for their own purposes. His vision turned West and.. stopped.

Something was different. Something was wrong.

The threads were knotted. Something in the sky was new.

He saw it. He couldn't not see it. It drew his vision like an unfolding disaster.

Set in the heavens and burning with the light of multitudes was a comet. It drew the ether in like a whirlpool swirls water. In the Western sky this comet pulled at the fates of many.

The Gazer was.. startled. This was a bad omen. For his kind and the others. He looked at the stars around the horizon and calculated with incredible precision where the comet was and over which part of the world it would pass the closest.

He could see it. This unlucky comet would pass over Skara Brae.