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There's no slave trading in Kijustsu Anei. Nope, None.


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Takara walks down the stairs into a small, cold, dungeon-type room, and pulls a black hood over to cover her head as she approaches a cell. "Get up." she growls. The woman stands and looks terrified. "Please just let me go home. I won't tell anyone... I p-p-promise!" the woman cries. "Shut it!" takara exclaims as she unlocks the door and smacks the woman in the head with the hilt of a thick dagger. The woman falls to the floor, as the blow was enough to knock her out. The blindfolded woman awakes while she is being held over the shoulder of a large hooded man with takara, also hooded walking next to them. The girl struggles and tries to scream. The man quickly tries to quiet her with his hand over her mouth. Takara sighs annoyedly and they both stop. "Look. shut up... no. stop screaming... i said shut up!... okay good.. You see.. The reason you need to be quiet is because im taking you home... The reason you're blind folded is because i dont want you knowing who we are... You say you won't tell anyone who we are if we let you go home, but we're making sure you actually don't know, so shut up for now..." Takara rubs her forehead annoyedly. Tears of what appear to be joy are running down the womans face from the news of her being taken home. They walk for a half an hour before they stop and the man sets the woman down. "Well here she is... you said you needed another servant girl, right?" Takara says. An old woman inspects the tied up woman "Yes... yes... I beleive she'll do just fine... Here's what you asked...". "w-wait... whats going on? am i home?..." the woman says concernedly. "You're being sold into slavery, babydoll. Shut it!" Takara smirks as she is handed a bag of jewels and gold. "N-No! Please!...... You lied to me!" The tied up woman yells. "...Yeaaah. Yeah i guess i did. But hey... Girls got to have some walking money, eh?" Takara and the other man walk off as Takara happilly sifts through the bag of shiny jewels and gold. Takara smirks and shakes her head "Man... She sure was talkative... What a real pain she was...".