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There is Always a Price to Pay

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sitting in his office Aedon ran his meeting with Va’lis over and over in his mind. He had almost hesitated to keep a meeting with Moonglow’s governor, but desperate times make desperate men. And it was not as though he did not have a history of working with Va’lis. The main question he had was answered well. What would this aid cost Aedon and the City of Yew. He had to admit that the answer did surprise him slightly. After all, the Aid of Governor Va’lis rarely came without some cost. But in this case the offer seemed genuine, and was made with no cost or strings attached.

Even without any confirmation from Yew, Va'lis already had his people at work, and word of the finding of possible land holdings of the Hand were sent back to Moonglow's Governor, who passed the information on to Aedon. This he would have to look into further, and discuss with others.

Knowing well he could not accept help on behalf of the city of Yew, this was after all the province of Gillian. He decided to accept in the name of the Village of Aegis. He was still after all plenipotentiary of the small village within the City of Yews limits.

Standing, he walked over to the teapot and poured a cup of the strong brew. He held the cup before his face, allowing the warm vapor to wash over him, inhaling deeply. The aroma of the blend had always served to relax him and aid in his thinking.

“Gillian is going to throw a fair fit no doubt. She will be convinced that I have lost all reason, or that I am about to throw the rest of Yew under the cart in order to save Aegis.”

For a moment Aedon considered if he would in fact ever entertain such a thing. The answer was not long in coming to him. No; for all his love of the Glade Aedon held a real liking for Gillian and Thom. And he still felt a sense of duty and service to all the people of Yew, and not just his small Village.

Va’lis said his aid would come with no cost, but in reality there would be a price to pay. The true cost might be the friendship and trust of Gillian and Thom. And perhaps once again he would have to endure the looks from others which told the tale of the madman of Yew who makes deals with devils.