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(Player News) The Word of Chaos - Improved with Picture Spoiler Tags


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Greetings Readers! The Word of Chaos has been on a break for quite some time so we will be catching up in this issue. We apologise for the lack of detail on these events but the information is no longer fresh in our minds thus it is hard for us to report on all the juicy details! But there are plenty of pictures to look at! We will continue to report reguarly again in the future! We have also missed a handful of events since the last report so some will be missing.

Hauntings of Halloween

Halloween was accompanied by two events last year! The first being held in the dark lands of Felluca where folks participated in the hunt for Dead Ray Brown who was found in Cove cemetary. It was a bloody night filled with chaos and endless battles as warriors fought the undead and eachother. The aim was to obtain sheet music from Ray and return it to Minoc but whoever looted the legendary musical piece never came forward from what we can remember.

The second halloween event 'Death is not the End' saw the realm battle legions of vampires and their minions. The man, the myth, the legend Nathan Hawke returned to lead the charge, accompanied by Hannah. After battling vampires and undead through the narrow corridors of death; none other than the evil vampire lord Mericles revealed himself! A battle that will be remembered for years to come took place! Most thought it would never end but eventually Mericles was slain!

New Year Meet and Greet

Emile hosted a new year meet at the counsellors hall in Britain and talked to the citizens of sosaria asking for feedback, discussing everyones favourite and worst event since his return and talking over a number of ideas. A big thanks to Emile for taking the time to ask our thoughts.

First Council Meeting of the Year

December saw the elections of the governors for the various cities of the realm which the governors are now as follows:

Britain - Miyamoto
Minoc - Escaflowne
Vesper - Anna Goodward
Moonglow - Uriziel Snow
Yew - Vincent Vega
New Magincia - Abyssal
Jelholm - Nadir
Trinsic - Ibiza
Skara Brae - No governor appointed

The first council meeting contained some drama of a select few of the audience acting up leading to Governor Vega dismissing himself. Jelholm, Yew and New Magincia also expressed anger towards the Kingdom during the meeting.

Bears Bears Bears!

In other news! The last time Amantala and Geoffrey went on holiday and left Bardaflowne in charge of the EA&E Auction; Barda decorated the auction house in a bearish fashion.

This time they went on holiday, Esca filled Geoffreys house with bears.

After taking the bull by it's horns as it were previously, our great King Blackthorn became gravely injured and poisoned from his epic duel. Our brave fighers of the realm set out to investigate the matter and found themselves in deep ****. During the poo party they discovered highly poisonous mushrooms may be the cause of King Blackthorns illness. The royal guard set out on a quest to Ter Mur to find the gargoyal healer InMummiLem. After facing many obstacles including having to build a raft to reach their destination, InMummiLem was finally found.

Quoted from EM Emile Layne to provide accurate details as so much time has passed our memory fails us.

"Dupre suspected General Jukan was responsible for poisoning King Blackthorn. He lead the Royal Guard on a mission to capture the General.

The Royal Guard used rope ladders to gain access to the Juka city of Mistas. General Jukan was nowhere to be found. But the Royal Guard did overhear the Juka War Council; General Jukan was marching on Ter Mur!

The Royal Guard followed General Jukan to Ter Mur. When arriving they found the Royal City overrun with Juka Warriors! Unphased by the danger the Royal Guard threw themselves in to the fray, in search for General Jukan.

We finally found the General in the Throne Room of the Palace, where he held Queen Zhah hostage!
General Jukan was convinced Queen Zhah was behind the poisoning of King Blackthorn. And that the Gargoyle Queen had tried to frame the Juka for the trechrous act. Queen Zhah denied the accusations.
General Jukan then convined Dupre of his own innocence and agreed to return to Britannia to watch over the King."

Quoted again from Emile Layne.

"Dupre and the Royal Guard gathered to witness InMummiLem's Healing Ritual. He was going to cure Blackthorn of the poison inflicted by the Delucian Red Bull. But the ritual went horribly wrong! Instead of curing the King, Blackthorn was incinerated, burned to a crisp!

Luckily, Hawkwind The Timelord intervened and offered a solution; he instructed The Royal Guard to search for The Tome Of Sorcerous Lore.

The Tome of Sorcerous Lore was kept in the Temple of Lost Knowledge, Terrort Skitas. Upon arriving the Royal Guard found the temple beset by Raiders! Not only had the Raiders ransacked the temple, they had also torn up the Tome Of Sorcerous Lore!
The Tome had to be restored and so the search for the missing pages began. The Royal Guard scoured the Dungeons below Terrort Skitas and before long the missing pages were returned.

With the restored Tome of Sorcerous Lore, The Royal Guard returned to Spirituality Shrine and the charred remains of King Blackthorn.
Anju Sermani was the spell that could return Blackthorn to our realm. The spell demanded a hefty price; to restore a life, another had to be sacrificed.
Dupre offered his life in exchange for Blackthorn's. But the honourable General Jukan insisted on giving his life instead.

General Jukan performed the Anju Sermani ritual and vanished in a cloud of smoke. From the smoke emerged the figure of Blackthorn. The King lives!"

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War is upon us our fellow readers! Yew, Jelholm and New Magincia have been planning a rebellion against the Kingdom for some time and now it has begun! In recent council meetings our beloved Escaflowne has stood firm by the side of the King and engaged the rebels head on which has now made Governor Escaflowne and Minoc a target. Thankfully Moonglow and Britain along with Minoc have declared their alligence to the King and will stand strong against this rebellion!

The rebels have made the first strike against the kingdom with their recent gathering at Yew court and assault on Castle Blackthorn! Slaying and stuffing poor bears as a message against our loyal follow of Chaos Escaflowne. Governor Vincent Vega of Yew and Abyssal of New Magincia have also began launching attackings on Minoc and Bears of the realm.

Fear not! For Escaflowne has already launched a number of counter aggresions against the rebel scum! Britain, Minoc and Moonglow will now form a war council to decide their next plan of action to deal with the rebel threat!

Yew crops have been burnt!

The office of Jelholms governor has been damaged!

The fountains of New Magincia have been soured!

Stay tuned for more updates from the frontline!



Crazed Zealot
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Greetings readers! It has been a long time since our last edition so it's going to be a big one but we're glad to be back. It has been decided to change the banner of our newspaper as the old one is a bit outdated and created when our artwork skills weren't that great.

Chaos Cove Party

The other month saw the grand opening of the player town Chaos Cove! People from across the land were invited to take part in a number of games to celebrate. Many grand prizes were won from opening mysterious lucky crates, solving riddles spoken by a great white wyrm and daring the race on ice out of the command tent.
Special thanks to EM Emile Layne and the Dark Lady Mesanna for creating the town banner and a big thanks to PEC Wraith for aiding with decorations and a portal for the event.

Every Thursday night after the Brit Bank Meet see's the 'Great Hunt' take place; all are welcome to attend. The aim of this hunt is to take down every boss, legendary creature and major threat that exist in all the lands.
The brave hunters of the realm have been working hard through the list and have so far defeated:
Lady Melisande, Dreadhorn, Travesty, Lord Paroxymous, Monsterous Interred Grizzle, Shimmering Effusion, Clockwork Exodus, Medusa, Stygian Dragon, Scalis the enforcer, the Leviathan, Corgul, Slasher of Veils, Dragon Turtle, the Doom gauntlet, the Harbringer, Primeval Lich, Sleeping Dragon champion spawn, Abyss, Vermin and Arachnid champion spawns.

There are still a few more encounters to defeat so be sure to turn up every Thursday after the Brit Meet at 7pm UK Time / 6pm UTC.

A Triple Event!

The other week saw a rare and spectacular occurance! During a public Scalis hunt down at New Magincia Docks, Escaflowne decided to throw his last 3 white nets in at the same time. What he did not count on was the 3 Scalis that came to the surface at the same time! What followed was chaos and calls for aid were sent out to the whole realm! Eventually everyone banded together and slayed the scalis one by one. Twas a epic moment of history!

The Rebellion Continues

The great King Blackthorn continues to send royal guards to quell the rebellion from Yew, Jelholm and Magincia. He will not stand for this treachery and is sending a message with a firm hand.

The Rebellion has been having regular meetings at the Court of Truth in Yew. Fynn Barret whom many of you know from the past seems to have taken an active role in this rebellion and has decided that the rebellion needs a strong and powerful leader at it's helm. They have come to the conclusion that they must find the gargoyal In Mummilen who performed a ressurection spell upon King Blackthorn; and get him to cast the spell upon Queen Dawn, bringing her back from the dead. This quest lead to a showdown with the great mage Maria in order to obtain the Tome of Sorcerous Lore that contains the ressurection spell.

Vesper recently held a trial against Yewish Militiaman Nigel whom had carried out a number of attacks and bombings against Vesper. During the trial Nigel stated that he was doing so under the order of Yew Governor Vincent Vega. Nigel was found guilty and given a number of lashes, jailtime, a hefty fine and community service.
All of this has caused high tensions in Vesper whom currently remain neutral in the Rebellion neither siding with the rebels or King Blackthorn which begs the question why Governor Vega of Yew is ordering attacks upon the free city of Vesper.

On a happier note a grand wedding took place between Vesper's governor Anna Goodward and Vesparian Tommy Nottingbury. It was a beautiful service held at a grove in Ilshenar followed by an amazing after party in which some folk got a bit too drunk! Congratulations from us to the bride and groom!

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We apologise to our readers for the massive back log of reports, it's been months since the last report so we will be releasing 2 editions at once to catch up.

Smallbanner copy2.png

The great hunt, although it has stopped for the time being; many hunts took place over the past 6 months tackling a number of tough encounters throughout the land.

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17th edition continued.....

Rebelbanner copy.png
During the rebellion against King Blackthorn the attacking army of the rebels were thrown into Jail where the force had to fight their way past the prison guards and eventually face Dupre.

A few weeks later the rebellion launched a full force assault on the city of Britain in an attempt to take the King Prisoner. They fought their way against the Kingsguard throughout the streets of the capitol until they forced their way into the throneroom. At the last moment before the King was taken hostage, the Hand of Chaos portal'd in and snatched the king away to safety.

Vesper Banner copy.png
A few months back saw the trial of Jassi Corwin of Cove take place in Vesper in which our very own Escaflowne took part as a judge.
Some weeks ago also saw Vesper host a grand tropical themed party! With all sorts of entertainment for the night including bagball.

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17th Edition part 3......

Auctionbanner copy.png

A few months back saw the celebration of the 550th auction on Europa! The auction team celebrated with a good old fashioned game of bovine madness.

Other News

In other news a meet and greet took place with the Devs the other month at castle blackthorn.

And lastly it is sad news that EM Emile Layne announced he would be stepping down. Thank you for all your hard work. You will be remembered my friend.


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Auctionbanner copy.png

The other week saw EA&E Auction celebrate their 600th auction with a special game of bovine madness on the day and the following week a special event name Forgotten Sands.

During Forgotten Sands, an ancient pharoah alcestis the cold had awaoken at the nearby pyramid in the desert. The Auction House is made out of sandstone from the desert which the pharoah intended to reclaim. Our brave warriors had to fight their way to the pyramid and slay the evil pharoah.

Other news

In other news, there was another attempt on scalis's life at the Scalis arena which turnt out to be a failure as the arena was too big. But scalis still met his match and went down like a sack of potatoes.


The other week also saw the first official council meeting and the official reformation of the Royal Guard,
And to round things off the other night saw a magnificent race take place at jelholm farms along with an epic battle at the end.
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Thanks :) I didn't go into much writing detail on these reports as had so much to do and just wanted to get up to date. Plus couldn't remember half the events to go into detail lol. My UO screenshot folder contains 6,410 screenshots from the past 16 years lol

Woops my last set of screenshots at the end of the last report have been cut off for some reason, thats a shame.