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The Witches of Dathomir, Life Day and "The Price of Victory"



A new story entry has been added:

The Witches of Dathomir, Life Day and "The Price of Victory"

Game Update 19 - The Witches of Dathomir, Wookiee Life Day and "The Price of Victory".
The holiday season is upon us and to keep SWG players busy of the Christmas and New Year period, Game Update 19 features some exciting new content, the return of Life Day and a new Trading Card Game scenario with all new loot cards.
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  • The Witches of Dathomir On the far edge of the galaxy lies the hostile planet known as Dathomir. It is inhabited by many aggressive beings, including the Witches of Dathomir, a group of Force-sensitive women. There are two key opposing clans of the witches - The Nightsisters and the Singing Mountain Clan. Which side will receive your loyalty? </p>

    The Nightsisters are waiting for you!

  • Wookiee Life Day The celebration of Wookiee Life Day has begun. Traditionally celebrated on the Wookiee home world Kashyyyk, Wookiee Life Day is a time to reflect on the renewal of life and to remember those who have passed on. Wookiees greatly value morality, courage, compassion and loyalty. As part of this sacred and ancient Wookiee tradition is that of the honor family. An honor family comprises a Wookiee's closest friends and companions. These family members pledge a commitment to lay down their lives for one another as well as members of any honor families these individuals may have.

    We hope you have been a good Wook this year!
  • Trading Card Game - The Price of Victory is now available. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back with an all-new trading card game expansion!

    These are just two examples of the new loot available from "The Price of Victory".