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The Well of Souls [Lore]


Babbling Loonie
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The Well of Souls

The Well of Souls is found in the lore of several shards, Ultima, and real world religions.

On Atlantic, the Well is the domain between the mortal realm and Oblivion (the Void), a tormented afterlife in which the Order of the Ebon Skull (and other evil-aligned factions) have learned to tap into, both to augment their own hellish powers and harvest the knowledge of the damned.

On Baja, the Well was a domain tied to the Dark Tower under it's first masters, Xander and Na'Krul, a font where those who had died a violent death at the hands of the cults followers were subjected to blasphemies and gruesome tortures, their souls drained and fed upon to maintain the sacrilegious altar and its necromancers.

Kessell, the final Master of the Well, hid the capstone tethering the Well to this world inside the Dungeon Covetous in 2005. Since then, the developers have placed Cora in that location, creating a "Void Pool" that bridges our world to Oblivion.

Coincidence, but one I intend to use to our favor.