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[Auction] The Toad Town Live Auction: Information & Item List - Week 1 *July 25, 2021 @ 6PM Eastern*

Alexander of ATL.

Rares Fest Host | Atl June 2013
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Maroon Illustration Medieval Invitation (1).png
Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to formally welcome you all to attend the Toad Town Live Auction on July 25, 2021, @ 6 PM eastern time. As of this post, item submissions for this week's auction are now closed. I am not taking item submissions for next week's auction dated for Sunday, August, 1 @ 6 PM Eastern. Explained below are some information details concerning the Toad Town Live Auction House. If there are any questions or concerns, please message me either on Stratics pm, discord or ICQ. Thank you!

How to Submit Items to the Toad Town Live Auction

Please put your item(s) in a single bag along with a book. List the Item in the book with its starting/reserve price. In the title of the book, please put your character's name. In the 'by' section, please put a prominent way to contact you. ie: ICQ, Stratics, Discord, or even a code. You can either submit the item(s) to me personally or drop them off in my mailbox on my porch. Item submissions are typically capped at 45-50 items.

NOTE (1): If submitting to me, please make sure it IS me first. I will always display my guild title (Toad). Picture below:

NOTE (2): For a visual reference on how to submit an item to the auction house, please review this submission bag example located inside the auction house. Picture below:


Toad Town Rules & Information Guide

Please be sure to read the rules regarding the auction. With the cooperation from every individual, we can produce a better environment for everyone to enjoy. Information includes details on the commission fee of 5%, expectations, winning bids, the lottery, and banishments. Everyone is expected to read and adhere to such rules and expectations.


Item List Distribution Steward

An item list distribution steward will be available for everyone to get a copy of the item list for this week's auction. Simply be near the steward and say 'book' and one will be placed in your pack.


Lottery Game Information & Helpful Guide

Located in the right corner of the room is a guide that explains how the lottery system operates. The item for the lottery will be located on the table next to the lottery vendor. Purchase your tickets from the lottery vendor and at the conclusion of the auction, the winning number will be announced via a random number generator.


Audric the Drunk Mini-Game

Located at the bar will be Audric the Drunk. This is a mini-game that is both fun and useful for new players. Upon addressing Audric, you can be given a drink courtesy of the auction house bar, a joke from Audrics collection, seasonal greetings, or an item. Items have a lower value and are meant to help new players boost their character's advantages in-game of some kind.


Alexander of ATL.

Rares Fest Host | Atl June 2013
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Item List With Picture
Anything with a * will be explained in detail further

1) Sneakers By Sienna
2) Rovena's Book of Shadows
3) Redcap's Cap
4) Cure For The Gargish Blight Prepared By Gareth N Pooper
5) The Restless Bones of Ollivette
6) Reindeer Hat
7) Bandana 'crafted by The Von Trinsic Gang'
8) Tricorne Hat 'crafted by Drunken Pirate Floozies'
9) Mortar and Pestle 'crafted by Emilia the Blind Fortune Seer'
10) Cloth Ninja Hood 'crafted by Scarlet Von Trinsic With Love'
11) Body Sash 'crafted by EM's D&D for Christmas 2014!'
12) Sandals 'crafted by EM Thomas Pyewacket'
13) Rubble Single Mushroom
14) Rubble Specks (black)
15) Rubble Sandstone Archway
16) White Lava Tile
17) Bag of Misc Magic & Artifact Jewels & Shields
18) Bag of Legendary Artifact Bracelets
19) Bag of Artifact Rings
20) Legendary Bracelet
21) Skirt hue 1263
22) Clepsydrya of Dissipated Destiny
23) Shadow of the Dungeon Raider
24) Trophy of Glubgub the Moldy
25) Moonstone of Virtue
26) Rubble Boat Piece
27) I Survived Osiredons Revenge
28) Evil Mage Cloth (x20)
29) A Special Gift For A Prostitue (named gift box)
30) Event Doll Collection: Juka Warrior, Meer Mage, Juka Mage, Meer Warrior
31) HTML Cupid's Arrow
32) A Suit of Silver Armor
33) The Burning Sword of Hedge Maze
34) Carved Pumpkin (hued pink)
35) PrePatched 11 Mod Legendary Hat
36) Legendary Bushido Ring
37) Clean Legendary Ninjitsu Ring
38) A Statue in Memory of the Dragon King
39) A Marble Statue of Verexia, Queen of the Dragon Empire
40) Numbered Prepatched Misc Items
41) Legacy 2 Slot Nightmare
42) 2001 Diamond Bracelet
43) I Survived the Ophidian War shirt
44) I Saved The Day And All I Got Was This Fancy Shirt
45) AOS Blue Robe for Daniel The Great
46) AOS Blue Sandles For Tim
47) Platinum Dragon Statuette (4th Year Vet Reward)
48) Celebration Wizard of Atlantic
49) Small Brazier (6th Year Vet Reward)
50) I Participated In Savage Crisis And All I Got Was Deathrobes
51) A Whispering Rose From Your True Love.

*Lottery Item* - Crimson Cincture


#17 - Bag of Misc Magic & Artifact Jewels & Shields
- Ring (imbued): Dex 8, HCI 15, DCI 15, LMC 8, DI 10
- Tear Kite Shield: Soul Charge 10%, Energy Eater 6%, SC, Int 4, HPR 4, SR 4, MR 4, FC -1, LMC 4, Energy 1
- Bracelet (imbued): Dex 8, SI 5, HCI 15, DCI 15, SSI 5%
- Bracelet: Mace Fight +5, Dex 10
Heater Shield: HPI 7, MR 3, Luck 100, SSI 10, Fire Resit 1

#18 - Bag of Legendary Artifact Bracelets
- Bracelet: Eval Int +15, Disco +15, Dex 8, Int 8, Luck 150, HCI 15, DCI 15, DI 25%
- Bracelet: Peacemaking +15, Swordsmanship +15, Int 8, DCI 15, SDI 15, FCR 3, LMC 8
- Bracelet: Mediation +20, Str 8, SI 4, MR 3, EP 35, LRC 20, DI 25, Cold 15

#19 - Bag of Artifact Rings
- Ring: Int 10, MI5, MR 4, SDI 15, LMC 10, LRC 25
- Ring: Throwing +15, Stealing +15, Music +15, Str 8, SI 5, HCI 20, DCI 15, FCR 3, Fire 15
- Ring: Luck 100, HCI 15, SDI 18, SSI 5, DI 35
- Ring: Resist Spells +10, Disco +15, Taming +15, MR 4, EP 25, Eneregy 20
- Ring: Healing +15, Anatomy +20, Magery +15, Int 8, FCR 3, FC 1, LMC8, DI 25
- Ring (imbued): Dex 8, MR 1, HCI 15, DCI 15, DI 25
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