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The Star Room open every Saturday night from 5th May

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Following a fun opening night last week I will be running this as a weekly event. I had intended to do it on Friday and Saturday evenings but due to personal circumstances (new job) I'm going to do it just on Saturday.

The Star Room will be open on 5th May (and following saturdays) from 10pm BST (British Summer Time) to about midnight BST. That will be 5pm EST to 7pm EST. You can work out the rest hehe. Betting will either be at 20k or 40k. So please bring the correct checks before you attend. Also, instead of handing the checks to me you can now drop them in the mailbox closest to your seat. But please do not drop your check in the mailbox OUT OF TURN. I will stand infront of you when it is your turn :)


Quick recap from the last thread.

The game will be High Low. You are betting on the outcome of one roll and not against the dealer. These are the following bets you can place each round.

LOW: bet on the dice roll being lower than seven (2 to 6). Payout upon win is 1:1. So bet 20k, you win a total of 20k + original stake of 20k. 40k total

HIGH: bet on the dice roll being higher than seven (8 to 12). Payout upon win is 1:1. Same as above.

If you bet either HIGH or LOW and you roll seven then you lose. But this gives you a third bet before rolling.

SEVEN: bet on the dice roll being seven. Payout upon win is 3:1. So bet 20k, you win a total of 60k + original stake of 20k.80k total.

Sorry for the long explanation but just want to make sure everyone is clear before betting.

A few more notes. The room has space for 7 players at one time. When betting please clearly state what type of bet (high, low or seven) when I come to your turn. Before dropping your money in the mailbox and rolling the dice, I will verify your bet. I will work from left to right along the table. So be patient.

Finally a few rules. Any one starting combat will be banned for that evening. No questions. Interrupting others playing by fighting will not be tolerated. Also, anyone rolling the dice early will be removed from the house (not banned but ejected) and if repeated wil eventually be banned for the evening. This goes for both players and any spectators. I will make it clear when it is time for the person I'm facing to roll.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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