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(Player News) The Second Virtue Patrol [Event Recap 4/26/15]

Lore Denin (GL)

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Lore knelt before the Shrine as he did for every large battle, a habit he had developed as a young Knight training in the ways of the old Trinsic Paladin.

He meditated on the path of Virtue, that even when faced with the most vile and ruthless murders that he carry himself with the dignity and honor of a Knight of Loria.

He looked around looking at the men and women who volunteered for the patrol, most in a meditative stance likely contemplating the dangerous mission ahead. Lore had felt a little embarrassed suggesting the patrol gather at a shrine before moving into the cities but when the White Council members embraced the idea, he felt reassured he was indeed in the right company.

He could hear the mantra coming off the lips of a young women to his right. Her head was bowed in contemplation as she cleared her mind and narrowed her focus on the mission ahead. She was so young still, and not really prepared for this dangerous task. Still Princess Nikki insisted, and Lore could not deny her courageous will and admired her ferocious fearlessness.

Lore took a long look around, so many of these men and women were not prepared to face the most dangerous enemies in the land yet here they were willing to stand against evil even at the cost of their own life. He admired them greatly and though some believed he was the inspiration behind these patrols, in his heart he knew it was these men and women themselves who were the true inspiration. He would do everything in his power to keep them safe and should he fall he could not imagine better company to spend his last moments.

A hushed silence fell over the group, it was time.

Lady Hoffs summoned forth powerful magics and a gate appeared, her voice gentle but strong filled the shrine, "Ocllo is besieged"

Gilfane's Keeper of the Halls charged into the gate leading the way, her final words echoing in the chamber, "Forward, bravely onward into the breech!" and the White council forces followed her without hesitation....


The group gathered in Gilfane, the patrol ended. Lore could not have been be more proud. The patrol fought off vampires, dangerous outlaws, Tamers with great fire breathing Dragons, talented mages with great knowledge of field tactics that took advantage of the inexperienced group. However, despite their inexperience, the Virtue Patrol won each engagement driving off seven Vice sieges and securing each of the cities for Virtue.

Lore looked at the exhausted faces of the men and women he had the honor to serve. Yes they were still abit green but each engagement taught them something new. They were young and he was getting older... It wouldn't be long before these brave soldiers surpassed him and he would be.. how did Pinkerton say it, "old and in the way."

Lore smiled to himself, yes that was it, and he couldn't have been happier.

[OOC: Next week there are many things on the agenda and I won't organize a patrol event. I hope Silent Singer reconsiders canceling his event. Look for an "extra" special Patrol/Defense event in 2 weeks that will give old factioners a taste of what has been missing in game. ]

Thank you to the "enemies" who showed for Vice (FYOU, TNA, TDO*) helping make this a very enjoyable pvp event. ]
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