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EM Event The River Rages: Can it be calmed? (Wed. 6/25)

Queen Mum

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Event scroll received from Sonoma EM Event website ...
The River Rages
Posted on June 24, 2014 by EMWillow

“I cannot believe the number of reports coming in Wilson,” Captain Cameron said to Corporal Wilson as he sifted through the parchments on his desk, “We have 13 reports of river flooding and another eight regarding strange demon-like creatures crawling from the rivers edge.”

Corporal Wilson looked at his Captain carefully, and although he was a rather young man for his status, Wilson could see the signs of stress in the lines of his face. “Sir, the guard did well against the beasts the last time we were there…”

“Indeed they did, but if we are going to fix the problem we are going to have to find the source.” Captain Cameron looked up as a guard came in with yet another report. Without a word the captain took the scroll and read it aloud, “Waters are unsafe. Powerful sirins sing at night luring people into the river never to return. Please send help.” Cameron looked up at his men. “This is it. Something must be done. TODAY!” he growled. “Call the guard, and all those willing, we will stop these beasts at once, but first I will consult with our King and see if his knowledge about these sirins can help us with our defenses.”

Captain Cameron placed the report on his desk with the others and rubbed his brow as his men exited the room. “I hope our forces are strong enough to pull these sirins out of hiding and destroy them.” he thought. Glancing down at this desk he nodded to himself, “I have a good group here,” he said aloud, “I believe they just may prevail.”
Meet at Castle Blackthorn Courtyard on Wednesday, June 25th at 7pm PT, 8pm MT, 9pm CT, 10pm ET.