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The PLZ Rap


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This one right here goes out to the "PLZ Team"..

The PLZ Rap
Written by Elga

Yo it's 7:15pm, we in da pit
Toons are all around talking a little chit
Along comes a dog named Crazy Mo
Let's go to the factory bro
All the dog could say was PLZ
When I said no, he probably thought I was just a big tease

You stink you fat bear
Why aren't you hip to be square
What do you think this is some type of dog show
PLZ ElGo be my friend
What part of that don't you comprehend

I want you to be my main squeeze, geeze
It's 7:30 it's time to go yo
Little Mo tried to hit me wit his big toe
All he could say was PLZ ElGo
This dog is givin me da ticks
This is Stratics yo, not some type of brownie mix
When yo mama teaches you how to talk
Maybe then you'll be able to do da walk


I guessed I missed something on Sunday. Pretty good but don't quit your day job.:lick:


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Would've been even better if you spelled out P-L-Z


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Would've been even better if you spelled out P-L-Z

Last night at Wolfie's party they had lots of PLZ people.
Maybe they mean something else, per Wiki:

PLZ may be:

  • Abbreviation for "please", commonly used on online games.
  • Abbreviation for Postleitzahl, which is German word for postal code
  • ISO 4217 code for Polish złoty (1950-1994), now replaced with PLN
  • Port Elizabeth Airport, IATA airport code
  • A type of account on deviantART, where it is an empty account with a smiley/picture, and is mostly used as a user-generated emote on the deviantART messaging network.

Maybe they are indeed talking about flying out of the Port Elizabeth Airport..:hahaha:

Little Sadie

LMAO!!!! That video was great! And I disagree with Soup. I think you have a future in rap. LOL!


ROFL!! Elga, you are my hero!.....err i meant Elgo lol :party:


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might as well pls lol Pls go with me to the mint lol or pls i got good gags ha ha. :party: then you check the gags they not maxed LOL :pint: i learned the hard way on them pls toons.