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(Player News) The Peerage of Siege Perilous: [SPHS] Interviews Magichands, Guildmaster of [UWSP]


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Stratics Legend
In our latest installment of the Peerage of Siege Perilous, I try my hand at interviewing the leader of the United Workers of Siege Perilous, Magichands!


[SPHS]: What was your first experience with Ultima Online?

I was at the house of a friend of my father.. He was playing at UO Beta and when he showed me the game it was like a love at first sight... Was so amazing for me think that I could play with people from other parts of the world... Then in January 98 my father opened an account for me, so I started to play my first years on Atlantic and Chesaspeake... Then I moved on to Europe and Drachenfels... And last time I changed servers, I come to SP

[SPHS]: What brought you to Siege? How long have you played here, and how frequently do you play now?

Magichands: Probably I was bored to play alone on prodo shard and I wanted to give a last chance to UO. So I thought that SP could be the best because was like the old UO. Now I'm here for 3 years and usually I play every day during my evening time

[SPHS]: In the last month, what did you spend the majority of your game time doing?

Magichands: Usually I like restocking my vendors, doings bods, chatting in town with people that are around and doing hunts with guildmates

[SPHS]: To date, what has been your best day on Siege?

Magichands: Probably my best day on Siege was when our Town was recognized as an Official Player Town and Lady Mesanna came to build our monument. But there are many others days: when I started the UWSP Project, Our events... Really many days to remember

[SPHS]: Are you in a guild, and if so, how many other players are in it? What guilds were you in before this one?

Magichands: I'm in UWSP Guild... At the moment we have 15 players active ... Some more semi-active... Before starting UWSP Project I was for some months in TDO where Freja introduced me on SP :)

[SPHS]: What made you decide to start not just a guild, but also build an entire town?

Magichands: Well because I saw people on SP tend to play in different places so I thought that building a town as meeting place (expecially for crafters) could be a good thing for the server. And it seems people like the idea :)

UWSP Town as of May 2017, image courtesy of Fogsbane

[SPHS]: Which players do you interact with the most?

Magichands: The list is long... I try to interact with all people I can meet around especially at umbra blacksmith and bank where I like to fill my bods ... Same for guildies... But probably with Tanager mostly :)

[SPHS]: If you could pick one player who is no longer on the shard that you could return, who would it be and why?

Magichands: Well I heard about so many good players that now don't play anymore... So I can't give a good answer.. But for sure even just one of them will be very positive for the shard

[SPHS]:If you could permanently REMOVE one anything (activity / item / player / encounter / mechanic) from the shard, what would it be and why?

Magichands: If I could remove a thing for sure I'll cut drastically vendor fee... I know that high fee help community to interact more by asking about items in GC... But really they are too high (same for gems)

[SPHS]: If you could permanently ADD one anything (activity / item / player / encounter / mechanic) from the shard, what would it be and why?

Magichands: If I could add anything I'll add for sure more event like Artisan Festival... I really like when people put together to reach a common goal and those kind of event make me feel like a part of
wonderful community :)

Tanager and Magichands run from a frozen turkey at Moonglow's Artisan Festival

[SPHS]: How much would your guild love to see double resources on Siege, like prodo shards have in Felucca?

: Well we'll really love that idea (as all crafters of the servers) because it can make easier help people with their armors, weapons and things like that :)

[SPHS]: Crafting has grown over the years and we can do a LOT of different things. This makes life as a crafter more interesting, but some tasks can be a little labor intensive. What is one thing you HATE to craft, and why?

Magichands: Hate is a big word but there are some aspect that I'd like changed a bit... For example reforging... I really liked when they added it but, as many things on UO, there is too much RNG in it and so if you have bad luck you can waste many resources or runic to get a thing that maybe another person gets with 1 try... Probably more control on RNG will be wonderful :)

[SPHS]: Who is your nemesis, and why is it Malloc?

: I think I haven't got a nemesis on SP... Probably our nemesis are ourselves... If we can fight against that, we can see something good in all people (but all like say malloc, so I can say that me too :p I'm joking Malloc :D )

[SPHS]: You are dropped into an IDOC brawl and have time to grab one item. What item would you wish to grab above anything else?

Magichands: I'd really like to find a marble table (the old one I think from server birth ) or some items like that... I always loved to save part of the UO story

[SPHS]: What do you use your Siege bless on the most?

Magichands: Usually on my corgul book ... But just because I'm too lazy to change item lol

[SPHS]: If you could give one piece of advice to new or returning players to Siege, what would it be?

Magichands: To play on SP and see the good and bad side as only one thing... Siege Perilous is a wonderful shard if you can find your place in it. If you see a person, stop to chat with him or just to say hello.. Yes maybe they can kill you, but a hello can make a big difference for the other person... Take a bit of risk and you'll love this shard :)


UWSP Christmas Ghost Party

Thanks for reading! Until next time.....

Max Blackoak

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
ha! that Christmas ghostparty was caused by Bo and me! I remember that one, we laughed so hard. I believe that's Bo wishing you a a merry Christmas.

We both put spellweaving on, stealthed in and started spamming thunderstorm.

Old Timer

That's my boss! Well done by all involved. Sorry I wasn't UWSP for the Christmas Party... but I'm sure Bo and Max will try an encore his year...


Stratics Veteran
ha! that Christmas ghostparty was caused by Bo and me! I remember that one, we laughed so hard. I believe that's Bo wishing you a a merry Christmas.

We both put spellweaving on, stealthed in and started spamming thunderstorm.
Yes was too fun ! I think all in the room laughed very hard... We were all saying Merryyyy .... Boom all ghosts ahahah :gee::gee::gee::gee::gee: