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The PAWS Soulforge

Palm Copenhagen

Pacific Shard,

[PAWS Tribute and Book Event]​

It is my hope to pay tribute to one of the first, if not first ever substantial player run cities in the game that was established back in 1997 just south of the Britain stables. When I first returned to the game, I noticed that the houses, the smithy, the tower and the keep where all gone from PAWS. Not only this, but most everyone didn’t know the history of that time or even heard of PAWS. I decided there needed to be an update to this.

I have created a Tribute house, which is located at the {yellow star} in my avatar picture, just east of Britain, directly across the waters from the Orc Fort docks (Trammel). The house is called: [The PAWS Soulforge]. Furthermore, I have decided to bring back several characters that played during that time as my vendors for the house. I have also written several books so far as a story and back story as well as. I plan to write 4 book series and a series finale, that will include several books for your enjoyment. The chief focus of these stories is the character “ImaNewbie”, who created the “ImaNewbie Does Britannia cartoon series”.

The credits book will describe the location of each book in the house and the house will act as a type of walk-through story, that will have visual props from the stories littered throughout the house. I released Series 1 several months ago and Today I am releasing series 2. The entire collection will be displayed at the Library of the Archmage Guildmaster in Ter Mur, just East of the Moongate and there is a rune to this location outside of the PAWS Soulforge. Series 1 of the books are still located within the PAWS Soulforge though.

I have worked hard, with the help of many people in the game, to try to make sure that these books are enjoyable for every type of person and they support game lore as best as I can figure. I have also introduced many new elements as well.

[Server Wide Book Quest Event]

4/25/2002 Monday-Friday​

The Quest starter kits will include all of the series 2 books and will require you to visit: ImaNewbie does Britannia in order to solve the quest. Instructions are found within the Quest Starter kit and a notebook to help. The quest is very easy to solve if the read through the entire Poem and read the Quest Objections section. [no need to over think this].

Those who complete the quests will get their name displayed in the credits book “Beginning of Pacific” located outside of the Tribute House and their likeness and avatar will be included in the next series of books I write. As I mentioned, I am planning to write 5 total series of books that include up to 5 books of story and back stories per series. There should be plenty of material to include as many people that have completed the quest, that want to be included. Those that do, will forever be immortalized with this tribute house and part of that legacy.

I will offer a quest at the end of each series until the conclusion of the Server Events which is at the release of Series 4. The Book series will end at the 5th series, the series finale.

I have been working on The PAWS Soulforge, both with unique design, decorations and story since September and I hope this is a proper salute to the people of PAWS and some of the chief architects of the Pacific server. Much of my research material comes from historical figures, ancient mythology, some theology, UO lore, H.P. Lovecraft and of course some pop-culture for the actual story and back stories. The credits book speaks to the house, my motives and some history of your server.

Any questions or concerns please message me or drop by the house and leave a note for me in the mail box.

I will include in this thread all of series 1 incase you missed it and series two which I am releasing today. The books not here are associated with the server event. The entire collection can always be viewed at the Library of the Archmage Guildmaster or The PAWS Soulforge.

Thank you all,

Best regards and fare thee well,


Palm Copenhagen

If you have trouble viewing the PDF files here you can view them on the Pacific Forums at uo.com under the thread with the same name. right click and open in a new tab and you can read them w/o downloading anything.

Thanks again,

Best Regards and fare thee well,

Palm Copenhagen


Quest is active: You can search VS for "wooden box" and it comes up for 5g or you can visit the star on the map in Trammel. I put two Quest starter kits up for today. The quest books are: The Song of Virtue and the Quest Notebook. Fill out your name and date and maybe a little about yourself for the notebook once you turn that and the required items back into the mailbox of the (lion)

Quest will be active until the end of Friday (Midnight 12pm PST)
The Box set have the same books I released in them as well as the book that isn't for sale called: The Logic Matrix

All the other books are for sale at the cost of the dyes to dye the books on Ole Harper at the Lovecraft Exchange. I will continue to make copies of the story arc series and supply that vendor during promotional periods such as this.

Best regards and fare thee well,

-Palm Copenhagen


I'll have to go check it out! I believe the PAWS tavern was still there until just a few years ago.

Palm Copenhagen

Two days left. I know with all that is going on there isn't much time, and this is why I released this quest Monday and for this week. Also that's why I made the quest rather easy to solve.

To clarify something, two people have asked me about:

If you don't want your character name in the story it doesn't have to be, you can just pick a name and it isn't likely to be a character anyways. It could just be something else. Doesn't matter if it is one name or another just something from you so you can participate with the story. There are no rules other than nothing offensive. For those who are worried that maybe the name they might pick won't fit roleplay wise, don't worry that is why you include a little about yourself in the note book too, or anything at all. It's not a competition. I'll include what ever name you want me to include in the credits and for the story I'll create something that includes the contribution from you though that is using your inspiration or idea to develop something. It could be the name of an enchanted forest or a polar bear named Larry-Sue. It may not be the name of something maybe just the name of a sword or a weapon. Lots of options.

I know people think so little of themselves these days, but the point is to include you, not for you to come up with something so great to carry the story. If the story doesn't work, that's my fault. As mentioned in the poems: "it could be big or small or anything at all, a smile is worth more than gold, and for this the story must be told!" so this is the story, fictionally of your realm, would you like to participate in telling that story in some small, big or way or anyway, otherwise.

That is the point of the quest, hope this clears up some concerns and answers the most popular question received as feedback thus far.

Thank you again Pacific Shard.

Best regards and fare thee well,

-Palm Copenhagen

Palm Copenhagen

Pacific shard,

Thank you all for participating with the event. The availability of the quest books: Song of Virtue and the Quest Notebook are over and those who have a "quest starter kit" feel free to turn the notebook back to me with what you want me to include in for the works I am creating for the server, in the next few weeks please. Drop that book filled out into the lion mail box at The PAWS Soulforge.

Thank you again everyone, the next event like this will be announced after the release of series 3, of which I am currently researching. No date on that yet, but will post here and on UO.com those dates. It will not be done during the release of a in game event like this one was, but I wanted to limit the amount of potential quest notebooks to test the participation level. There will be two more events just like this one and the next event may go two weeks instead of one and won't be during a game event as mentioned.

Also I have included a picture of the house in Ter Mur of which there is a rune next to the book outside the house called: "Beginning of Pacific". There you will find the entire series two books on display at The Library of the Archmage Guildmaster (library is open to the public, but not officially launched yet). There you can find another book entitled:

Poems of Virtue, which is a unique living book as the series develops, of which will include poems for specific characters in the story to the right on the mysterious crystal case as you enter the main hall and to the left on the other one will be a book entitled:

Quests of Virtue, which will include all the poems written for the events that are designed to read ImaNewbie Does Britannia cartoon series to solve.

The Library is still evolving but wanted to post the progress of this so far and where to find it incase you can not recall. RoyalLibrary.PNG LibraryHall.PNG

Best regards and fare thee well,

-Palm Copenhagen

Palm Copenhagen

Pacific Server,

I have, with the inspiration of UO Radio created a book preview for the next series of books and a music playlist for your enjoyment, that tells the story of each of the first Kingdoms of the realm and their signets of power that each of the Ancient Dragons who oversee these kingdoms created for those rulers.

Series 3 books will be entitled: The Golden Trio and the Quest for Ladon
It is a multiple book series around three characters, the Architect, the Forerunner and the Lion. This will be the next portion of the books that takes place after the events of the Star of Zara.

Below are the addresses for how to view the playlists and attached are the short descriptions of each playlist with the back story and book preview.

1. Twisted Embers of Fate 11 tracks

2. Skull of the Innate Will 12 tracks

3. Lever of Righteousness 13 tracks

4. Seal of the Justice Bringer 14 tracks

Please enjoy!

Best regards and fare thee well



How did the quest participation turn out? I love all the effort and thought you were putting into this.

Palm Copenhagen

How did the quest participation turn out? I love all the effort and thought you were putting into this.
All the quest starter kits sold out and I even made more, but I received nothing in return. So I was thinking, perhaps the poem I wrote was maybe too difficult somehow and the next time around I'll make it easier to do.

When I am finished with all the stories in the series finale, I'll release a book with all the poems from the server events and a book of poems written by the characters within the entire series itself. I still have maybe 20 pages left of material to write for the series 3 books, then editing. So its close and I'm running out of time, but it should be soon.

I'm hoping for the first week of July and then roughly the 25th Anniversary in September for the 4th release. Then release the finale before Halloween.

Anyone can read the The Book of Virtues, The Book of Virtues Quest Poem and a few of the Songs of Virtue I have made already in the Library of the Archmage Guildmaster. They are on display there. A rune to the house is located outside of the front door on top of the book "Tribute to PAWS".

I have already written the part of the quest that I would normally have added someone who solved the quest into the book series, but there is always next time for someone. here are the solutions to the event:

Reading the Poem you would travel to Episode 30 of the ImaNewbie Does Britannia Cartoon series, which is also found in my signature and go 4 boxes down to find this box:

So as you notice in the poem I will repeat the phrase that Lord British says but omit the "order shields" part, so to solve the poem you just had to deliver 6 order shields to my mail box. As mentioned, I figured the poem was a little too difficult, not that it was hard, but maybe I led people to try to over think how to solve it, with how I worded things.
Quest: The Book of Virtues

A small girl with a heart of pure gold-Overcame the beast that shows only when cold.

The star that was gifted, found a new home-And presented its true nature, the virtuous tome.

The Book of Virtue, and the blank pages within-Requires a champion, to put ink to skin.

For I cannot seek out and unlock this book-Only a worthy champion must be the one to look.

Do not lose heart, and please remain strong-Through Ladon's memories-I can sing you his song.

Virtue is the sum of 5, 4, 6, 8 and 7-The Champion must have truth, courage and love in this visible plane below heaven.

So as virtue is summed and a new number is shown-The episode in question is no longer unknown.

In this episode ImaNewbie seeks an audience, with the lord-For what you seek is held in your hand, but isn't a sword.

Where 8 splendor beauties present the lord of the house-Their generosity make room for even the smallest of mouse.

The sum of the letters of the first word, is 5-The virtuous champion usurps the opposite, as their prize.

the sum of the letters of the second word, is 7-Evidence of the lord of the houses', favorite possession.

The box 4 down proclaims his final two words-When the lord explains why the guards have their concerns.

"And all the Guards are mad at me cause they lost", that which you seek-Through purification of this, is the only technique.

The virtuous champion must seek a total of 6 items to find-So the Valkyrie has enough to fashion her bricks in kind.

And so, the book that was found contains many words of power-Though, only purified by virtue will the pages begin to flower.

Bring me your finds and a rune to your home-And delivered you shall receive…the virtuous tome.
Also If you pay attention to the detail, the numbers that create the Book of Virtues are represented in the other book I created called: The Logic Matrix. Each one of the numbers are specifically designed to represent something and when I created the poem not only did I sum those number for the Book of Virtues, which the Logic Matrix also does, but then in the poem itself, I use the same numbers to describe other things found in the episode or required for the quest. 5 is the letters of the first word, 7 is the letters of the second word, 4 is the number of boxes down, 6 is the quantity of items needed and 8 are the statues in the throne room.

In the Logic Matrix, the number 6 is the heart of the virtues and surrounding it are the numbers 8,7,4,5, which are the numbers of the three sets of virtues and the lever of corruption which is the number 5 on the Logic Matrix. I did not include the Logic Matrix to be viewed here on the website, but I did include copy of it with the quest starter kit, as well as the above poem and the entire series of books released here on this website. Again maybe I caused people to over think how to solve the quest, which is why I didn't get anything back.

I will try this again after the next series I release and do an event about a week after I release series 3 to unlock the next book found in the stories. "The Book of Demons."

P.S. I have been thinking about the format for this event and next time I will post the poem here on the forums, such as I just did in this post here. I will take advantage of this forum and the UO pacific shard forums too. I still want to keep the starter kits available for people, as that has an in game feel of a quest NPC. I like using the memory of ImaNewbie and his vendor as a quest NPC for the house.

since the point of the entire event is to draw people back to the work of Tyron, the creator of "ImaNewbie Does Britannia" this is a feature I want to keep, but I will also this time around, use the forums too. I think I will reduce the poems somewhat in size as well.

Once I post all of series 3 for people to read in both Pacific server forums, here and on UO.com, I will market the server event then. What I may do is develop concepts in the next book series as promised for the event, but also with the current book too, that the quest for. "The Book of Demons", which will be what the server event unlocks. I will likely include a name or two inside of this book, as this tome will be another type of spell book, such as the Necronomicon was.

Instead of displaying an Easter Egg of the book inside of the Library of the Archmage Guildmaster as I did with the "Book of Virtues", I will wait to release the next book written by the Old Ones, until after the event to include those names.
Last edited:

Palm Copenhagen

Pacific Shard,

Series 3 of the book entitled: [The Golden Trio], which I have now given a name for the overall story arc: "Sandals of Time" Should be out in just over a week or possibly a week and a half. If it takes longer, it may be for editing purposes.

This portion of the release will be the largest part of the book series.

I have created a model for this entire book series, based on an arc, as a story arc, but also a visual arc too. That arc will be as if it was the arc of a rainbow, as described in the book "The Book of Dragons". The crest of the arc will be the point of most intensity, which is this third part.

I have also added several features to the lore of the game itself, both with history and new context or ideas in this series release, about to be released.

Series 4, you can expect to be in balance to that of series 2 in nature, as with series 5 (the finale), being like series 1. (The exact number of books may not be balanced but conceptually the nature from the story telling will be. The amount of specific book releases per series is related to a part of the story being released in series 3).

The actual stories I am writing are a bit longer and more immersive, but have been edited to fit within in game scribe books. Most of the content is the same, but the stories do get altered some as to fit.

"editing is the art of capturing infinity" - me

Format of book series "Sandals of Time"

"Virtue is the sum of 5, 4, 6, 8 and 7-The Champion must have truth, courage and love in this visible plane below Heaven” -Kumara

David the Architect’s secret chord: 4-6-8-5-7

Series 1: The PAWS Soulforge (4 parts)
series prelude: "The Unknown Mage"
story arc: 1 part

additional cast: "Necronomicon" & "The Book of Dragons"
Series 2: Star of Zara (6 parts)
series prelude: "Of Clocks and Time"
story arc: 3 parts

additional cast: "The Logic Matrix" & "The Book of Virtues"
Series 3: The Golden Trio (8 parts)
series prelude: "Rabbit & the Hound"
story arc: 5 parts
additional cast: "The Great War" & "Research Codex"

Server Event: "The Book of Demons"

Series 4: Toccata and Feud (5 parts)
series prelude: "Precession and Admiralty"
story arc: 3 parts
additional cast:
"Nightmares: A Love Story"

Server Event: "The Book of Judges"

Series 5: Succubus & Valkyries (7 parts)
series prelude: "Mysterious Red Book"
story arc: 2 parts
additional cast: "The Four Helmsmen" & "Songs of Virtue (2 parts)" & "Flight of the White Heron"

Book series Conclusion: Sandals of Time
series conclusion: "The Great Library"

Server Event: "The Book of Knowledge"

Special Event Releases: Sandals of Time
1. The Book of Demons
2. The Book of Judges
3. The Book of Knowledge
4. The Quest for Ladon

[note] As always I will be posting content both here and on the UO Pacific shard forums. Any attachments here that may require you to download something, can be viewed on the UO website in the forum post entitled (the PAWS Soulforge), by right clicking and selecting open in a new tab. This allows you to read the contents in its own PDF viewable window, without downloading a thing.

Best regards and fare thee well,

-Palm Copenhagen
Last edited:

Palm Copenhagen

Pacific Server,

I have finished the third series of the book Sandals of Time, titled: The Golden Trio. This release is the largest content release that I was planning for the entire series.

With that said, the amount of editing was quite challenging, but I am happy with where it is now currently at.

The series order:

  • Rabbit & the Hound
  • The Golden Trio part 1
  • Research Codex
  • The Golden Trio part 2
  • The Great War
  • The Golden Trio part 3
  • The Golden Trio part 4
  • The Golden Trio part 5

The first book is fairly long, but it isn’t really required for the main story arc, neither is the Research Codex. I wanted to release them as detailed to the story as I could make them though, so if you like detail, there is a lot of that.

*Right-clicking the attachments and opening in a new tab at uo.com allows you to read the books without downloading anything*

These books have not been reduced down in size yet to fit within the game books, but I do plan to do that.

I will work on getting that part done, before I announce the book event and quest for the book The Book of Demons

Thanks for your time and please enjoy.

Best regards and fare thee well,

-Palm Copenhagen


Palm Copenhagen

Pacific Server,

Server Book Event
Server Event for the Book of Demons starts today 7/23/22 and ends 7/30/22 at midnight.

In the screen-shot of The PAWS Soulforge you can see two books next to ImaNewbie. One is the "Quest of Demons" book the other is "The Book of Demons".
The PAWS Soulforge can be found on the Pacific Server at the star in my avatar on trammel.

The Screen-shot shows second edition prints of Series 3 The Golden Trio and the Quest for Ladon, that can be purchased for 100k a set.

The Quest of Demons book can be purchased for 50g.

Brief Description

The Book of Demons was recovered at Reg Volom by the Archmage Guildmaster in the final chapter of the book “The Golden Trio”, once Lord Dupre defeated the demonic knight known as Durendal.

Copies of this story can be created at request or found for sale during a promotional event here at the PAWS Soulforge.

As always, the entire work being written is displayed at the Library of the Archmage Guildmaster in Ter Mur. A rune to that location is outside on top of the book entitled: “Tribute to PAWS”.

Quest of Demons

By: Kumara


Server Event: Unlocking “The Book of Demons

The flames are ignited on a very old friend…

To make Caliburnus whole again.

Now the flame of truth shall sing its long-awaited song…

So, to end Durendal’s mighty reign of long.

The book recovered is bound by the flesh and demon skin…

For it is The Book of Demons, but the pages are blank within.

Demons are the sum of 4, 5 and 6…

15 is the number, but not the proper mix.

For 8, 3 and 4 is that which you seek…

ImaNewbie Does Britannia will provide you with his critique.

Box 8 down displays the spell in question twice…

So, two scrolls of this, shall be my advice.

Box 3 down suggests to face the direction, that of north…

And “I will take thee” is proclaimed in the box of the fourth.

The book in question must be taken to the northern most virtue shrine…

And those spells in question will unlock this book by design.

Bring me your finds and a rune to your home…

And delivered you shall receive a copy of the demonic tome.



Quest Objectives

-This quest book can be found at the vendor at the PAWs Soulforge on the balcony called: ImaNewbie

*note* you don’t need to purchase this book to do the quest

Visit the following web address:
-Press the button that is next to the line that says “The Toons

- Visit episode 15 entitled: I will Take Thee!

-Somewhere in this episode is the spell in question. Locate that spell and either make or purchase two scrolls that have this exact spell on it.

-Return those scrolls and a rune to your house to receive a completed copy of “The Book of Demons.


-The server has a week to complete this quest to receive “The Book of Demons” but the first three persons to complete this quest shall be included in series 4 of the next works being written called: “Toccata and Feud”.

*Release date approximately Sept 1st *

If you would like to be included in the stories then fill out the name you wish to include in a blank book and drop that off with the scrolls and a rune to your house.

*note* If you don’t have a mail box just contact me in the game or on discord. My discord info is: Valkari#4059

Thank you,

-Palm Copenhagen


Palm Copenhagen


This is the most commonly cast spell in the cartoon series of ImaNewbie Does Britannia you find the spell in the 8th box of episode 15 and make 2 scrolls with this spell on it to finish the quest.

Palm Copenhagen

Pacific Server,

Update on the server event:

I have had a lot of participation in the event. Several people picked up the Quest book "Quest of Demons". Also, several people have turned in the correct answer too, but a few folks did not want to be included in the stories I'm writing for one reason or another.


As it stands now 2 of the 3 spots available for being written into series 4 are already spoken for. That leaves the next person who turns in the correct answer to be included in the stories.

The event will end Saturday at midnight, so even if the three bonus rewards of being included in the stories do get filled up, you can still receive the new book: "The Book of Demons" written by the Old Ones. One of the 13 tomes written by them [Add on material to H.P. Lovecraft lore]

This book will only be available for this quest and or in the future when I make special limited edition sets to hand out as prizes, once the library officially launches.

I am expecting this to be around the first of the year ~Jan 1.

Also as a special bonus for being included in the next series of books I'm writing, I'll be including a small book to congratulate you and also include a book I plan to release at the very end of the book series called Songs of Virtue I.

These are poems written by each character in the 6 part series and when complete will be a two part set of songs. So far I have the following characters finished:

1: Kumara
2: Ladon
3: Lemuria
4: Saint Valentine
5: Zara

The first two people who have turned in the correct answer, that are going to be included in series 4 have already received this bonus. I just wanted to announce this for the next person who turns this in, that there is going to be this bonus.

thanks you all again, I hope those of you that have participated with the event have found some joy with doing the quest and have enjoyed the stories so far.

Series 4 release date: ~ Sept 1st.

Best regards and fare thee well.

-Palm Copenhagen

Palm Copenhagen

Pacific Server,

The Book event is over, thank you for all those who participated with this event. I hope the new book you earned as a reward was something you enjoyed receiving.

As mentioned the top three people who turned in the correct quest items to my mail box will be written into the stories for series 4 or beyond. Keep an eye out for your names.

I will begin writing series 4 this coming week and hope to meet the week of Sept 1st deadline for that release.

Thank you again,

Best regards and fare thee well,

-Palm Copenhagen