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The Old Dupe Thread


Rares Collector Extraordinaire | Rares Fest Host
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The old dupe thread can be found in this thread.


Rares Collector Extraordinaire | Rares Fest Host
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Stratics Legend
How to use this list:
1) An item belonging on this list means that it has been widely accepted by prominent members of the rare community as an item that has been duped. This means that there are potentially more of these items than originally given and it is impossible to say how many more - could be hundreds of them. Conversely, some items were duped a while back ago and due to bans etc. their numbers could be limited making them still very rare, albeit duped and more than what is indicated in Event Items list sticky.

2) In many cases, dupers could have stacks of some of the items that are listed here that they are releasing in limited quantities over time. This could significantly devalue the item in question over time as more and more of the stock is released and with the duper always able to sell the item for less than anyone else. As such, this list could be used to assess the risk factor for your investment.

3) Dupers or their fencers often tend to sell their items on this forum. As such, this list can be used to reach your own conclusions regarding the risk attached with buying items from users who tend to sell these items often. A significant feature of this is that you always discover new dupes by keeping track of what they are selling. Even going further, this list can be used to assess the expected quality from resellers who are not necessarily dupers/fencers. Can you trust them to filter out dupes?

4) Just because an item is on this list does not mean that it has no value. It also does not necessarily mean that the seller is a duper or their fencer. As such, this is not a list that should be used to accuse others in the forums.

5) An item on this list also has a chance of being removed from the game by the developers and/or leading to you getting banned. Vine cords and recent banning comes to the mind. Another factor to consider before investing.

6) Finally, this is not a comprehensive list. An item could have been duped and not make it to this list right away, if ever. That is where point 3 can be useful. Also, this list is populated with items that were duped during the last big (and known) duping period. No attempt has been or will be made to go further in the past and as such, some items will be missed.

On with the list...
Unique here means the item was supposed to be one of a kind like Vine Cords.

Event & seer items

* Jade Armband

* Tongue of the Beast

* Shadow Artillery

* Light's Rampart

* Obi De Ense

* Royal Guard Investigator (+20 Stealth)

* Bloodstained Tunic

* Pronk, The Royal Britannian Champion Against Violence (Cloak with +1 Str and +3 Physical Resistance) (Unique)

* Malicia, The Royal Britannian Champion Against Kidnapping (Cloak with +1 Int and +3 Physical Resistance) (Unique)

* Savage One, The Royal Britannian Champion Against Treason (Cloak with +1 Int and +3 Physical Resistance) (Unique)

* Trelim, The Royal Britannia Champion Against Murder (Cloak with +1 Stat and +3 Physical Resistance) (Unique)

* Aphashia, The Royal Britannia Champion Against Theft (Cloak with +1 Dexterity and +3 Physical Resistance) (Unique)

* Sebratis' Book of Memories
(White Spell Book)

* Zerver's Tavern Review Notes

* Pirate Boots

* A Crystal Staff of Chaos Replica

* Melted Snow

* Burning Wood Fragments

* Ginseng

* Kettle of Caramel

* Dragon Egg

* Knight of Luna Guard Surcoat

* Icy Flame - ice white candle

* I stole this robe

* Royal Botanist Trowel

* Pile of Skulls

* Leaves of the dryad

* Melting Snow

* Christmas Carols

* Brazier (no legs)

* Dragon Bone Earrings

* Dragon prod

* Giant Black Widow Spider

* Royal Sand Miner Sash

* Scaffold

* Spoiled Milk

* I was not the last man standing on legends

* I stole this lantern

* Strange Dust

* Teratheran Egg Sac

* Partisan of chaos

* Chicken Blood

* Staff of Necromancer (unique)

* Arirang 3rd Duel Event Member (white robe)

* Scales of Karganth tunic, leggings, gloves

* A robe worn by Rainbow Mage

* King of Gladiator boots (Unique)

* Ancient Golden Scepter (Makes a sound when clicked on)

* Wall Carving

- Duped Event Items that have been deleted or replicated -

* Gladiator's collar (unique)
Hit Point Increase 10
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Physical Resist 18%
Fire Resist 18%
Cold Resist 17%
Poison Resist 18%
Energy Resist 16%
Mage Armor

* The Most Knowledge Person 1st [Arirang]; Two Tone Green Shroud with 5 hp (unique)

* The Most Knowledge Person 2nd [Arirang]; Two Tone Green Shroud with 4 hp (unique)

* The Most Knowledge Person 3rd [Arirang]; Two Tone Green Shroud with 3 hp (unique)

* The Robe of Britannia "Ari"

* Lieutenant of the Britannian Royal Guard Sash (MR 2, LRC 10, Int +5)

* Djinni's Ring
Int Bonus 5
Spell Damage Increase 10%
Faster Casting 2

* Necromancer Robe

* Good Samaritan robe

* Orc Chief Helm (Both 30HCI & 30HP versions)

* Brave knights katana (Harm Hit Spell Version) (unique)

* Wind Spirit

* Shroud of Tal'keesh

* Vine cord sandles (unique)

* Shroud of Deceit

* Wall large blood splatters

* Quell

* Pacify

* Calm

* Subdue

* Oblivion's needle

* Item bless deeds

* Zombie Goats - Mythical Detective of the Royal Guard (+2 int) (unique)

* Zombie Goats - Elder Detective of the Royal Guard (+3 int) (unique)

* Goodsman - Elder Detective of the Royal Guard (+3 int) boots (unique)

* Wisp fragments

* Ancient mummy wrappings

* Gauntlets of anger
Hit Point Increase 8
Hit Point Regeneration 2
De fence Chance Increase 10%
Physical Resist 4%
Fire Resist 3%
Cold Resist 5%
Poison Resist 6%
Energy Resist 5%

* Royal guard survival knife (image is that of gold enhanced version)

* Oak Leaf Shroud

* Fang of Ractus (unique)

* Captain John's Hat (Unique Dread Pirate Hat) (Swords +20 Dex +8 NS HCI +15 2/6/9/7/23)

* Acid Proof Robe (+4 Fire Resist)

Server birth/Miscellaneous rares
An overwhelmingly large percentage of server birth items like Two Story Statues, scaffolding, marble table etc. have been duped at one or more instances in history of Ultima Online. However, they are not going to be listed here to keep things simple.

- Please PM me if you have comments regarding addition or deletion of items from this list. Also, please do not post in this thread. If you have issues then post it in the main forum or PM.