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The Nuptials of Mirt and Emma Silvermane [Event: Chesapeake]


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Date: The 21st.

Time: 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST.

Location: Compassion Gate in Ilshenar. (Chesapeake)

We've been invited to attend the nuptials of Mirt and Emma Silvermane. (Both BRPA members on Baja.) Our Magdalena is in charge of catering.

You can view the details here.


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There has been a slight change friends and that is that due to the new story line in Ilsh it will be in a custom built house just outside the east gate in the city of Umbra which should make it easy if anyone needs anything my ICQ is always on when I am and I check PMs. So if you need clothes or a gate or anything really don't hesitate! (PS for those on a diet or trying to not gain massive amounts of wight do not read Magdalene's menu. You have been warned.) (PPS Hope to see you all there it will be a hoot!)