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(RP) The Marvelous Mage


Governor Jepeth of Skara Brae looked at the clock hung on the wall of his little one room office. It was five minutes till six and he knew time was running out. He rushed about piling papers up on the shelves and placing stone weights onto them. He braced the books snug up against each other and secured them with book ends. Taking a final glance around, he noticed the two chairs which sat opposite his desk and quickly dragged them to the sides of the (admittedly) cramped room opening a larger space in the middle. He walked back behind his desk and took a final look around.

Everything seemed to be stowed properly and not a moment too soon. Jepeth only barely got his hand up to cover his eyes before it happened.

A searing flash of blue light and sound filled the small office. The air itself expanded outward violently blowing the recently piled official papers off their shelves and outward in every direction. As quick as it began the light evaporated and standing in the middle of Jepeth’s destroyed office was a man in a blue cloak. He was tall. Taller than a normal human should be unless they were somehow part gargoyle. He had a mess of long light brown locks and a matching bushy beard. His features would have been hidden under all that hair if his large toothy mouth and blue eyes didn’t protrude out. His face appeared to be all grin.

“Lord Governor, hullo!” said the boisterous voice of Tejnik the Marvelous.

“Hail Tejnik,” Jepeth said sighing as he surveyed his once tidy office.

For not the first time (nor the last) Jepeth felt great annoyance at his city administrator’s perverse inability to use a door. Whenever he arrived for a meeting or other gathering pertinent to his duties the tall mage insisted on using his magicks to recall into the space at the agreed upon time on the dot. Unlike other mages, Jepeth noticed, Tejnik seemed to have altered his recall spell into causing a bit more spectacle upon arrival.

‘Tejnik the Marvelous’ as he stylied himself came to be in the employ of the city of Skara Brae only a few months before Jepeth’s election. He came highly recommended from the city of Minoc and Jepeth had initially wondered if that more prosperous and important city simply wanted to pass him off on the “backwater” that was the city of Spirituality. That fear, however, had disappeared as Jepeth got to know Tejnik and his work abilities. While he’s never cared for mages personally Jepeth couldn’t argue with this particular mage’s talent at all manner of duties magic and mundane. The city had never run so smoothly in a paperwork capacity. Ships were arriving and departing on time and waste was no longer piled outside of homes and businesses very long before being disposed of. Tejnik had even gotten the public moongate phases balanced finally. The island’s magical portal no longer deposited people into incorrect destinations based on whether it was raining or not.

“Oh my, many pardons Governor!” Tejnik leaned his great tall body around examining the mess. “Shall we sit and converse? Are you hungry?”

Before Jepeth could answer Tejnik had whispered into a closed palm and magically an entire serving tray of food appeared balanced on one hand. He had conjured an entire golden brown turkey with cooked vegetables and roasted potatoes encircling the bird and Jepeth momentarily marvelled at how appetizing the presentation was.

“Oh, no thank you Tejnik, but please don’t-” said Jepeth.

Before Jepeth could finish speaking Tejnik said “Ah!” and tossed the tray into the air. As it reached its zenith in height before falling Tejnik spoke an incantation making the tray (and food upon it) burst into a small fireball flinging soot and ash in every direction. The great bulk of it hitting Jepeth in the face.

Tejnik pulled one of the chairs from the side of the room and sat down, his great legs folded up under it giving him the look of a full sized adult trying to sit in a chair built for children. Jepeth (after wiping the soot from his face) sat down opposite him across his desk.

“How can I assist our city, Lord Governor?” said Tejnik.

“Two requests and a task” said Jepeth as he wiped the soot from his brow, “first, one of information.”

Tejnik leaned his tall body forward as the tiny chair groaned.

“The meeting with our King to update him on the comet situation went well, all things considered,” said Jepeth, “but at the end of the meeting he requested a written report by next month.”

Tejnik had produced a quill and scroll of parchment from his leather satchel. They balanced on his knees as the quill moved back and forth taking notes on its own without being held. His ring finger on his right hand pointed at the quill directing it as if there were a string attached between them.

“A report about the confrontation with Willibrord or on the entire ordeal our island faces?” said Tejnik.

“Both and more,” replied Jepeth. “I fear we don’t know much about this situation beyond Willibrord’s deceit, the Fellowship’s involvement, and the Gazer’s prophecy. I would like you to help me gather more information about all this. For example, have there been other comets to trouble the skies of Skara Brae in the distant past? Or other realms? What do some of the longer-lived races know about such affairs?”

“The wisps,” said Tejnik still directing his quill.

“Aye, the wisps,” said Jepeth. “I would also like you to use your contacts in the magical community to delve into the Council of Mage’s involvement. After Willibrord’s confession they dismissed him, but were they in the know?”

Tejnik shook his head grimacing.

“As I said previously, Lord Governor, I believe they were truthful when they said they were not aware of his actions. Angering a Governor of the realm and potentially incurring the King’s wrath is not in their long-term goals,” said Tejnik.

“What ARE their long-term goals, Administrator Tejnik?”

Tejnik’s face lit up. “Why, only the complete understanding of the ethereal plain, unending mastery of the shards of reality, and full control over life and death itself!”

Jepeth knew when Tejnik was trying to rib him and he was not in the mood to take the bait.

“Well, if ye mage can put aside all those mundane tasks for awhile and ask around for more information, I would appreciate it,” said Jepeth.

Tejnik nodded once, his grin stretching from ear to ear.

“Was.. was the King angry with you Lord Governor?” said Tejnik as his smile faded slightly.

“Nae,” sighed Jepeth, “he showed understanding. If anything the council was mostly supportive. The Goblins were even enthusiastic.”

“Oh, the little villains,” said Tejnik frowning.

Jepeth looked at his city administrator.

“Ah, not that what you did was villainous, sire,” said Tejnik.

Jepeth shook his head, “No, I understand your meaning. If they thought it was a good idea, well..”

Tejnik’s smile returned, “A proper mage would have known not to start with offensive fire or lightning spells against a man in plate armor. He should have cursed you first so you wouldn’t have been able to react fast and then fry you.”

Jepeth scowled at the mage.

“Be that as it may,” said Jepeth, “the Governor of Vesper was very cross about my actions. I have promised her and the King that if we move against anyone else we will inform the proper parties first.”

“Seems risky,” replied Tejnik.

“Hence the need for information,” said Jepeth. “If I’m to protect our city in a responsible and, admittedly, less hasty fashion then I need to know more.”

Tejnik stopped his enchanted quill and placed it and the parchment scroll back in his bag. He and Jepeth both stood up.

“I will look into these matters personally, Lord Governor. What is your next move?” said Tejnik.

“I shall await your information and take stock of our city,” replied Jepeth. “I believe it is time to let the citizenry know of what's transpired fully.”

Tejnik nodded. “Before I go, you said there were two requests you had of me?” said Tejnik grinning broadly, knowing what this request would be.

“Yes, Administrator Tejnik,” sighed Jepeth, “please use the door.”

Tejnik’s toothy grin looked as wide as a chasm. He held both hands into the air outstretched and cried, “Kal Ort POR!

The mage vanished as another flash of blue light appeared followed by a loud boom. Again papers and objects blew all over the small room like leaves in an angry wind.

Jepeth’s ears rang for an hour afterward.

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