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NEWS The march of LA history continues!

El of LA

Babbling Loonie
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As we all celebrate 23 precious years of Ultima Online, and that fact that many of us have been there from the start and grown 'mature' with it, we have new historical sites marked by Broadsword and our illustrious EM Topaz to celebrate as well! I wish to report two recent events that can bring us memories of past adventures and friends!

Recently, the "Sinful Creations" shop, located at the first house spot North of the Britain Moongate, was given a historical banner! This historical banner is being used by Broadsword right now to establish and mark the historical sites on the various shards of Ultima Online. You may have read the previous article where Old Man Lenshire's Museum in Luna (on the SE corner of the road) was given that historical marker as well! I think the markers are far more attractive than the roadway markers many of us are familiar with in our respective countries as we pass by historical sites or fancy overlooks of breathtaking scenery, but I digress.

Sinful Creations player shop, placed on Lake Austin 8/20/2003
UO Sinful Creations house sign n historical banner placed 8-20-20.png "Sinful Creations" was placed on 8/20/2003 and has remained under the stewardship of UMP guild members ever since. Owned by Garion, and stocked by players mainly from the UMP guild, the shop has never run short of goods, or its importance as the first friendly shop you find when exiting or entering the busy Britain Moongate.

As 8/20/20, tomorrow, is the 17th anniversary of the placement of this shop, I offer congratulations to Garion on a job well done and thank him for his service to our LA community!

The second recent placement of a historical banner also was affiliated with the UMP Guild. As this guild has been a community leader of event-production, Saturday "getting into trouble" days for the LA players, and other community-minded actions since the opening of the shard, this is a fitting tribute indeed! The UMP Guild Hall was recognized as a historical site on Lake Austin with a banner showing its placement on 2/12/2003! Garion, the UMP Guild Leader and Mayor of UMP-Town, poses here for a picture with the Guild Hall he is the owner of. UMP has placed a number of houses in this location that have been here for many years. Currently boasting of seven houses that include the Guild Hall, the LA Player Center, a Pub, a museum, and a rune and shard publication library, you can't miss the location!
UO UMP Guild hall historical banner 1.png

UO UMP Town barrel monument 8-19-20.png
UMP Town is located just East of Umbra in Malas. It is literally 'just around the corner' from the town, and easy to get to from the Umbra moongate. In case you might miss the seven town homes, the spot is marked with a barrel monument that spells out "UMP-Town!"

UO Map location of UMP Town 8-19-20.png

Date of Lake Austin Shard's opening on UO: 9/18/2002. Lake Austin Shard was opened as a celebration of the fifth birthday of Ultima Online. Having been there at the time, I have a really hard time digesting that the opening was for only the FIFTH birthday of UO! Looking back from the 23rd birthday of Ultima Online, I feel a great pleasure noting all that we have done, all the community we have fostered, all the adults who have grown into elders, and children that have grown up to be adults here with us on LA. What a lovely multi-generational and family legacy we have!

Happy 23rd birthday to Ultima Online!

Happy 23rd birthday to Stratics.com, created by Lord British (Richard Garriott and Starr Long) as the official Ultima Online fansite on the date UO was released!

Happy 17th birthday to the "Sinful Creations" shop at Britain Moongate!

Happy 18th birthday playing on Lake Austin Shard my friends!

May LA live and adventure-on long into all of our futures!

Stay well. Stay online. See you all soon!

- El