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The Lord of the Rings Online Celebrates its 2-Year Anniversary!


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The Lord of the Rings Online™ Celebrates its 2-Year Anniversary!

The Lord of the Rings Online by Turbine in North America is throwing a 2-Year Anniversary "Welcome Back Weekend!" During this time, former players on inactive accounts in good standing will be able to log in and play their characters for free. As another bonus, during this time all players will receive a bonus of +25% Experience to monster kills. Plus! - They are once again allowing subscribers to take advantage of the special anniversary subscription offer and enjoy preciousss savings! Play LotRO for only $9.99 per month!

Current Subscribers will also be receiving gifts at the end of the Celebration. As well, those wonderful Tokens have begun dropping of of creatures around Middle-earth, which can be exchanged for gifts from various Barter Vendors detailed on the item's tool-tip.

Check out all the details on Turbine's "Welcome Back Weekend" here and then take a peek at their "Anniversary Celebration" page here for all the details on other events and offers!
On the European sides of the world, Codemasters is also celebrating the 2-Year Anniversary in part with a contest with Eurogamer, where 2000 digital copies will be given away. The Game Masters for Codemasters will be hosting in game events as well, "Our GMs will be running events over the weekend for players to enjoy. The Riddle-master makes a triumphant return with new riddles to tax your brains with. Take care when travelling through Trestlebridge this Friday; reports have come to the attention of the Captains that the Orcs have been readying for an attack."

Check out all the details on the Anniversary Celebrations by Codemasters here!