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NEWS The "LA Informer" Newspaper, Volume 4, Number 10. Edition Date 12-2-20

El of LA

Babbling Loonie
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The"LAInformer"V.4.#10, by El of LA

Volume 4, Number 10,
December 2, 2020.

II. Book On Elections/Cities Available
III. City Funds and Governors - Update.

- - - - - - - -


The City Stones lied to us all again, and the nominations did not open until yesterday, December 1st. However, it is time to nominate yourselves for City Governorships!

I have heard of people interested in being Governors and this is exciting! I hope all of you will nominate yourselves. Use a toon that is 'adored' in the City you choose to be a Governor in. Nominate him/herself on the City Stone and have it seconded by another account's toon. The one to second the nomination needs to be a citizen with a loyalty rating of "Respected."

Voting begins 7 days after the nominations start so that puts voting to next week, starting Tuesday, December 7th. To vote, just make sure you have declared your citizenship in the City and have the rating of "Respected," Use the stone to cast a vote for your preferred candidate. Please still vote if there is only one candidate so that the candidate is elected into the office and can manage the City business!

Thank you all for participating! Let's fill those Governorships and get our Cities bustling with buffs, title awards, and trade runs again!

- - - - - - - -

II. Book On Elections/Cities Available

Detailed books on City procedures, running trade missions for gaining City funds, and the election procedures for Governors are locked down at the entrance to Veritas Inn on the North Road of Luna (2nd house from the NW corner). You can also find this book on the front steps of El's Castle, the WTLA Player Center and the WTLA Memorial Rune Library North of Vesper. You can get to the Rune Library easily by stepping on the transport tile at Veritas Inn behind the mailbox.

- - - - - - - -

III. City Funds and Governors - Update.

The Pandemic and lockdown has affected many of our players and the life of the shard. As a result, we are lacking all but one established Governors at the moment for our cities! Here is a list of the player buffs and gold balances of each city today (11/19/20). Email our EM, Topaz, on the UO.com shard forum if you'd like to be designated for any of our open Governorships. Consider doing some trade runs this week to assist those Cities with lower bank balances for player buffs! Please consider putting in your name for a Governorship when the next election comes on November 23rd. I am placing companion green books at the Player Center, Veritas Inn, WTLA Memorial Rune library and my houses that explain the process. You can get them for free off the vendor for the "LA Informer" at Veritas Inn.

1. BRITAIN: Buff=+5 SDI (+5 Spell Damage Inc.). Bank Bal=947.4 million. Governor: Mylene.

2. JHELOM: Buff=+5 SSI (+5 Swing Speed Inc.). Bank Bal=954.6 million. Governor: Pending King's Choice (Empty).

3. MINOC: Buff=+5 HCI (+5 Hit Chance Inc.). Bank Bal.=167.2 million. Governor: Pending King's Choice (Empty).

4. MOONGLOW: +2 MR (+2 Mana Regen.). Bank Bal.=873.2 million. Governor: Pending King's Choice (Empty).

5. NEW MAGENCIA: Buff=+5 SDI (+5 Spell Damage Inc.). Bank Bal.=1 billion. Governor: Pending King's Choice (Empty).

6. SKARA BRAE: Buff=+1 FC (+1 Faster Casting). Bank Bal.=897.6 million. Governor: Pending King's Choice (Empty).

7. TRINSIC: Buff=+5 SSI (+5 Swing Speed Inc.). Bank Bal.=126.9 million. Governor: Pending King's Choice (Empty).

8. VESPER: Buff =+5 SSI (+5 Swing Speed Inc.). Bank Bal.=775.8 million. Governor: Pending King's Choice (Empty).

9. YEW: Buff=+1 FC (+1 Faster Casting). Bank Bal.=154.1 million. Governor: Pending King's Choice (Empty).

• Our Cities are in need of Governors! Britain is currently the only city with a Governor, and that is thanks to Mylene! Thank you Mylene for being our stalwart City of Britain Governor!

• One year of $2 million/week City Trade Deal player buffs requires $104 million in the City Coffers! Donate or do trade runs to increase these funds!

• Cities offering +5 SDI: Britain, New Magincia.

• Cities offering +5 SSI: Jhelom, Trinsic, Vesper.

• City offering +1 FC: Skara Brae, Yew.

• Cities offering +2 MR: Moonglow.

• City offering +5 HCI: Minoc.

- - - - - - - -

The "LA Informer" is published for free. Pick up a copy on drops at Luna Bank, West Britain Bank, New Haven Bank, or the vendor located at Veritas Inn & Bar, on the North side of Luna ("200 NW Luna Blvd."). It's the 2nd house East of the NW corner inside the walls, at 101o 47'N, 27o 0'W (or w3. 939, 466, -90 in new gps).
Editions are also locked down for reading on house steps at Veritas Inn, the WTLA Player Center (West of Umbra), WTLA Memorial Rune Library (on the shore North of Vesper), and other public houses.
Submissions, notifications of upcoming shard events, and article suggestions to El can also be dropped off at Veritas Inn & Bar in the mailbox located next to the front door. We want to hear of your news!

- - - - - - - -

See you soon!

-- El of LA, 12-2-20