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NEWS The "LA Informer" newspaper for 12/15/19.

El of LA

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
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The"LA Informer" Newspaper

Volume 3, Number 34,
December 15, 2019
by El of LA


- - - - - - - -


As I reported in the last edition, the election system was not working for about the first three days of the election cycle. No one could nominate themselves for governor positions on LA's critical days: the weekend. Once the election system was restored in the work week, three of our cities were not able to get players nominated for the positions by the time the nomination period ended. Citizens showing up to vote are therefore so frustrated when no candidate is available on the city stones!
If there is good news here, it is that the previously chosen trade deals/buffs will remain in effect IF the previous governor set the city stone to "automatically renew" the trade deal, and it looks like all our lost governors did that! Therefore, my reporting below in what is offered in each City is correct and will remain so until a new governor changes it or the gold runs out. Also, none of our cities are in danger of running out of gold for at least one year, but we must fix this before then, and before the next election in six months' time!
The outcome of the elections is an uncomfortable one, but read the next article to find out how we can fix this issue! Since the system had not been fixed in time for our people to be there and get nominated, we have three empty positions. We need governors who are able to select and adjust city trade deals and award titles!
The "LA Informer" will work to put out special editions and information as we work to get our EM and Mesanna to help us get governors designated quickly in the cities that fell by the wayside in the malfunction.
Here is what we were able to do:

Governor-ELECT of Britain: Mylene.
Governor of Jhelom: Ian.
Governor of Minoc: EMPTY.
Governor of Moonglow: Elessa.
Governor of New Magincia: EMPTY.
Governor of Skara Brae: Mouse Rat.
Governor of Trinsic: EMPTY.
Governor-ELECT of Vesper: Manon Blackbeak.
Governor of Yew: Kirstie.
Congratulations to the Governors of the six cities that were able to successfully nominate themselves and receive citizen votes! According the City Stones, the next election cycle will commence after 5-29-2020, 01:46 US Central time.

- - - - - - - -


Anyone wishing to become a city governor for the three cities LA was not able to elect for can volunteer easily to fill the position! All you have to do is contact our EM, Topaz, via the UO.com EM website and/or by putting a book into her mailbox at the Festival Grounds EM House. Your email needs to tell her of your interest, the City involved, and how you can be contacted *your email address is appropriate here*. The most effective way to do this has proven to be by sending her a message from the EM website.
When Topaz receives your notice that you would like to be designated the "King's Choice" for the empty City seat, she will arrange to meet you at the designated City Stone so she can click on you to be chosen for the governorship! Remember, you must show up as a City Citizen in good standing with a loyalty level of "Adored" or better! (Kirstie showed up her first time at Yew forgetting she wasn't 'adored' yet and was still a citizen of Minoc! *eek*! Avoid the embarrassment and remember what is needed, unlike poor Kirstie!) If your character needs to switch his/her city loyalty for this mission, it takes one week to resign your citizenship in one city and then declare citizenship in the other. You can easily become "adored" in a city you are not a citizen of by donating to the City and/or doing the Krampus Trade Runs currently being featured in our Holiday events!
The "LA Informer" editor, El, would like to know that this is going on so that adequate reporting of the status of the cities without Governors can be done! You can notify El by leaving a book in her mailbox at Veritas Inn, located on the North side of Luna, 2nd house from the NW corner of the city. Thank you!

- - - - - - - -


This last week marked a significant change in the life of LA. Our shard reporter for the last ten years, Tamais, retired from the daunting task of being the Stratics reporter. For many years now she has attended every EM event and participated in every event or activity held on LA in order to report them onto Stratics.com and show pictures taken at the events. She has spent her Friday and Saturday evenings at the various EM events and not gone out to see those popular movies and other things a lot of other people do on a Friday or Saturday evening! She has spent countless hours composing articles that used our actual conversations in them onto the Stratics.com website complete with pictures taken at every stage and of most of the participants! In addition to this, Tamais and her family have overseen the running of the popular WTLA Player Center outside of Umbra, and made sure that everyone who wanted to and showed up on LA was welcomed, fed, clothed, and taught how to participate in all our LA community and UO community activities. Until last Spring, she also served as the Yew City Governor, taking care of the duties at that station.
Thank you Tamais for your wonderful articles, great pictures, and consistent presence on our shard. Thank you for reporting all of our history, our accomplishments, and our activities to the shard players and the rest of the world! Your sacrifices and offerings to the people of Lake Austin will never be forgotten!
Anyone interested in reporting on events, EM events, and other shard news on Stratics.com is encouraged to apply to Stratics.com off the website homepage sidebar and assume the role of reporting our shard life on Stratics. El, a temporary stand-in, will not be reporting on EM events due to physical limitations, and it would be marvelous to have a full-time reporter active on LA and able to cover all the angles!
*El Bows to Tamais' Greatness*

- - - - - - - -


Krampus and his minions are on the move! By accepting a trade run and conveying goods between the nine virtue cities without using moongates or magical transportation, you too can be ambushed by Krampus and the monsters impeding trade during winter! Resources, special drops, tamable creatures, recipes, and throwable snowballs can be won from the fights. Our cities will gain in wealth with each trade run you accomplish! The more trade runs you do, the better the rewards for both yourself, and your chosen City!
El took a few runs this week between the cities to see how it went, and since she was solo, was rather relieved not to be assailed by too great a spawn. The frost monsters are great and on the high seas, the frost Kraken was a good opponent to find for her newly trained CU! El did experience one crash as the frost Kraken ambush came on, so traveler beware, and have a pet or defensive move ready to go and guarding you in case of a short interruption while you get back on!
Happy Holidays LA!

- - - - - - - -


Here is a list of the player buffs and gold balances of each City today (12/15/19).

  1. BRITAIN: Buff=+5 SDI (+5 Spell Damage Inc.). Bank Bal=999.7 million. Governor-Elect: Mylene. (Please accept your office!)
  2. JHELOM: Buff=+2 MR (+2 Mana Regen.). Bank Bal=1.0 billion. Governor: Ian.
  3. MINOC: Buff=+5 HCI (+5 Hit Chance Inc.). Bank Bal.=192.0 million. Governor: EMPTY.
  4. MOONGLOW: +2 MR (+2 Mana Regen.). Bank Bal.=970.9 million. Governor: Elessa.
  5. NEW MAGENCIA: Buff=+5 SDI (+5 Spell Damage Inc.). Bank Bal.=972.7 million. Governor: EMPTY. (Tim is working to get designated.)
  6. SKARA BRAE: Buff=+1 FC (+1 Faster Casting). Bank Bal.=990.3 million. Governor-Elect: Mouse Rat. (Please accept your office!)
  7. TRINSIC: Buff=+5 SSI (+5 Swing Speed Inc.). Bank Bal.=227.3 million. Governor: EMPTY.
  8. VESPER: Buff =+5 SSI (+5 Swing Speed Inc.). Bank Bal.=872.3 million. Governor-Elect: Manon Blackbeak. (Please accept your office, Manon!)
  9. YEW: Buff=+1 FC (+1 Faster Casting). Bank Bal.=245.8 million. Governor: Kirstie.
  • Cities in need of Governors! Minoc, New Magincia, Trinsic.
  • Cities offering +5 SDI: Britain, New Magincia.
  • Cities offering +5 SSI: Trinsic, Vesper.
  • City offering +1 FC: Skara Brae, Yew.
  • Cities offering +2 MR: Moonglow, Jhelom.
  • City offering +5 HCI: Minoc.

- - - - - - - -

Have a great week, LA!

-- El of LA, 12-15-19


The "LA Informer" is published every Sunday for free. Pick up a copy on drops at Luna Bank, West Britain Bank, New Haven Bank, or the vendor located at Veritas Inn & Bar, on the North side of Luna ("200 NW Luna Blvd."). It's the 2nd house East of the NW corner inside the walls, at 101o 47'N, 27o 0'W (or w3. 939, 466, -90 in new gps).
Editions are also locked down for reading on house steps at Veritas Inn, the WTLA Player Center (West of Umbra), WTLA Memorial Rune Library (on the shore North of Vesper), and other public houses.
Submissions, notifications of upcoming shard events, and article suggestions to El can also be dropped off at Veritas Inn & Bar in the mailbox located next to the front door. We want to hear of your accomplishments, meetings, hunts, events, and news!


(edited for color visibility! - El)