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NEWS The "LA Informer" Newspaper - Final Regular Edition

El of LA

Babbling Loonie
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Vol. 5, The "LA Informer" Newspaper, 2021.
Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The LA Informer V5.#1, by El of LA

Volume 5, Number 1,
March 16, 2021.





- - - - - - - -

Yesterday, Monday, March 15, 2021, I created a new Discord Group Channel to give the LA player community a place to chat, get information, and meet up. This has been needed for a long time! Many of us have discussed creating one, but we never took the step to actually DO it! Now we have one! You can find this new group channel at this link: Join the UO Lake Austin Community Server Discord Server!.
In the Discord channel you will find both voice/video and just text channels to communicate, share information, and socialize. There is a Trade Channel, a text-only channel, a PvP Player Channel, a BOD trades channel, a Shops-Libraries post channel, and also, an "LA Informer" newspaper channel (more on this in the next article)!
Come in and check out the channel. You do not need an invite to enter and join the channel and we are trying to keep rules and access restrictions to a minimum! We DO expect that proper decorum, appropriate posts, and politeness with all will be followed. We WILL limit and even ban players who violate these three basic standards, so keep it clean!
We all hope that you will enjoy and use this channel and that it becomes a home away from home of a sort for all the players in our community. One of the joys of Discord is that it makes translations from other languages MUCH easier and so people who speak languages other than English can participate more readily in chats and discussions. You may be surprised at the differences and how chatty some formerly 'quiet' players become! Come to Discord! We look forward to seeing you there!

- - - - - - - -

If you read the article above, you will have seen that the "LA Informer" newspaper now has a text channel in the new LA Players Community Discord Channel! I have written books here since the 1990's and distributed them by using the Inscribe feature and text books feature in UO Classic. This is a challenging and laborious task that takes hours of my time each week, and frankly wear me out from time to time. During the Pandemic, with illness and isolation, it was too hard to produce papers from my heart, and I haven't written in a while. I would like to "fix" this issue and move the entire paper online starting today, March 16, 2021.
Thank you to all my readers and contributors over the many years of this newspaper. I appreciate all of you so very much. I hope that the paper has been helpful in your online game enjoyment and knowledge of what events and happenings are going on in the shard. I plan to still produce special editions in the books from time to time as needed, but now I can post IMMEDIATE news, links to newsletters from Broadsword, and other types of news that fits our modern ability in technology and communication that Discord allows us, but UO does not. It will be a more immediate and vibrant source of news I think and I hope that you will consider using that source in the future! Feedback is encouraged and appreciated on this move and my handling of the new Discord channel, so drop me a book in my mailbox at Veritas Inn on the North side of Luna if you have comments, or DM me in Discord at ElofLA#8179!

- - - - - - - -


On Friday, March 6, a group of City Governors and interested LA Players met with EM Topaz at the EM Hall in Britain. Topaz had news for us of changes to how the City Governorships would be handled by the management of Broadsword, and wanted to inform us of the new changes to how City's would be approached.
Elections and basic trade routes in the game will not be changed. The City Governors, on the other hand, will be managed in a much different fashion in the future, and Topaz had recommendations on how news and election organization should be handled as well. Here are the changes Topaz informed us of:

• Anyone who wants to be a governor MUST use the standard bi-annual election process to become one. If you miss a nomination/election two week period, you must wait until the next election to become a governor.

• Governors must be 'active.' A governor's activity level must be acceptable to the management at Broadsword or they will be removed. An inactive governor will be taken off the stone by Mesanna and EM Topaz when determined to be inactive.

• All encounters between the Governors and EM Topaz, Mesanna, or the Development Team will be handled in roleplay mode. RP will be done in the EM Hall or at the Blackthorn Castle's meeting room where each Governor has a special reserved chair and the EM or the Devs appear at "King Blackthorn."

• El's previous activities in recruitment and advertising of the elections and procuring of Governors was discouraged. It was expressed by the EM that this activity should be done by the game itself and people volunteer through normal game play. Therefore, El's reporting of City government issues, elections, city buffs, and city funds will be discontinued effective immediately.

• The Governors were encouraged to show their enthusiasm and activity by planning events in their cities. Festivals, invasions, and other types of events were encouraged and partnership in these event planning issues were promised by EM Topaz. She said that requests for events, invasions, and special placements would be considered by the management and partnerships in creation of the events would be readily available.

• Other determinations of acceptable "activity" standards by Governors were left to be disclosed in the future. There was not a set standard of acceptable points of "activity" given to the existing Governors and we were encouraged to be creative.

• In the future, the method of finding out what the news is from any particular city you are a citizen of will be obtained by the Town and City Crier's messaging available in the game. You can ask for "News" from any town crier. Access city and shard news from the main Town Crier lists and the kiosks available in every city. Governors will enter their information and news on the kiosks. This will be reflected in the city news available to all players. City governors' news entries have a lifespan of two weeks, so frequent checks on the kiosks is encouraged!

• In addition to the new governor management issues, two new governors who had been waiting to be named for cities were allowed for the final special installation on the shard. The new governors are, Zelda - Governor of Minoc, and Belshazzar - Governor of Vesper. Welcome to the new Governors, may your service-time be fruitful and fun!

I hope this overview is helpful in finding news for yourself and others in the future! Don't forget to check the Town Criers and kiosks FREQUENTLY! Further news and discussion will be available for LA players and our community on the new LA Player Community Discord channel at this link: Join the UO Lake Austin Community Server Discord Server!.

- - - - - - - -

The City buff/gold report that the "LA Informer" has produced will be ended at this time. You can find all the information on City buffs and gold balances on the City Stones in each of the nine cities included in the special game trade route play format. Information and citizen voting boxes will be produced by the Governors of each city. Voting boxes will appear on the City Stones when governors have questions and voting issues for their citizens. Messages and updates on City news will be entered on the kiosks and you can obtain the messages from any Town Crier, or kiosk in the lands.
Thank you for reading my paper and information on City status over the last several years. I hope it was useful and informative to all of you! Enjoy the game system of City information and status reports. I hope you find it very helpful indeed and that your participation in elections and governorships and city trade runs remains active and profitable to everyone!
I hope you will use the election periods to become City Governors and that you will participate as citizens in trade runs and City Titles, donations, and activities! You will always be able to find my "LA Informer Election Guide" at Veritas Inn (2nd house from the NW corner of Luna's main road), the WTLA Memorial Rune Library North of Vesper (reachable by using the transport tile on the first floor of Veritas Inn, West side of the house), and El's castle, west of the swamp north of Britain.

- - - - - - - -

The "LA Informer" was published every Sunday for free. Copies of this paper are stored and archived at the WTLA Memorial Rune Library, 3rd Floor. You can reach this rune library easily from a purple transport tile located at Veritas Inn & Bar, on the North side of Luna ("200 NW Luna Blvd."). It's the 2nd house East of the NW corner inside the walls, at 101o 47'N, 27o 0'W (or w3. 939, 466, -90 in new gps).
Special editions will still be published and will be locked down for reading on house steps at Veritas Inn, the WTLA Player Center (West of Umbra), WTLA Memorial Rune Library (on the shore North of Vesper), and other public houses. Special editions will be dropped as books in-game at Luna Bank, West Britain Bank, and New Haven Bank when published!
Submissions, notifications of upcoming shard events, and article suggestions to El can also be dropped off at Veritas Inn & Bar in the mailbox located next to the front door or by a DM in Discord to "ElofLA#8179". We want to hear of your accomplishments, meetings, hunts, events, and news!
We promise to tell EVERYONE about it!

- - - - - - - -

Have a good week, LA! I look forward every day to seeing all of you! Thank you for having read this paper for all these years! I hope you will join us in Discord for the new type of news produced online there!

- El, 3-16-21
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