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(RP) The Hungry Halfling Tavern restored!

Dryzzid of Atlantic

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Hello good citizens of Atlantic!

Several months ago the shard lost a piece of history when the Hungry Halfling Tavern decayed and collapsed. The Hungry Halfling was part of Rivendell, a player town founded in October '97 by Zym Dragon and Kallel. Rivendell was an early player hub that boasted 11+ buildings, three major guilds (Rivendell [Riv], the Elven Kingdom of Asur'Herenion [Elf], and the Knights of Rivendell [KoR]), and one of earliest examples of an Interest Game Master (IGM) blessed town. Rivendell hosted many events and was visited by players from all walks, from roleplayers to PKs. Unfortunately, all of Rivendell's remaining houses fell earlier this year, including three irreplaceable houses located within the guard zone in the fields outside of Britain.

Now for the good news: the Hungry Halfling has been restored! The tavern has returned to its former glory, receiving a new roof and several structural updates to ensure that it never falls again! If you're feeling weary in your travels, the food is warm and the bar is stocked!

Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

(Special thanks to Mighty Albert who graciously sold me the plot and to Archnight who helped locate that many skull mugs!)