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The House of Wolfthistle


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I've been never really good at words. The Octoberfest is sponced by 5 guilds that are working together on ideas and trying to make them come to life in game without any hangups. Just was informed a few hours ago, one of the guild's gm's passed away due to a heartattack. His wife and him returned to the game last few months and really was having a great time relearning the game and helping out with the Octoberfest and building thier houses. His wife was the one that informed us the news. I was wondering where he was yesterday cause he has been on everyday and kept us informed in what was going on in ventrilo to keep helping with all that is going on.

Anyway, many of us is shook up over this and some of the events might change this thrusday and friday. Depending how much work has gotten done and how much more there is to do. Just people are not fully into it anymore and hope you can understand. There will still be an Octoberfest though.

I would like to add a trip to Wolf's unfinished house that he was so proud of that he worked on each day. It is really a nice looking house as is his wive's but her's is private.

Sorry for the mispelled words, ... was a honor man.

Town of Yew

(background of his guild that he wrote)

by Wolfthistle » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:24 pm

A pale-skinned elf in blue platemail and a red sash dismounts in front of the Crossroads Tavern. He puts his bow in his bag and then walks into the tavern and looks around. A bard is standing at one side of the tavern playing a lute, and bar maids bustle to and from the busy tables serving food and drinks. He walks up to the bar and sits down.

"Excuse me, you there - get me a shot of something strong," the elf says to the man behind the bar.

The bartender scowls at the elf and puts a goblet on the bar in front of him and picks out a black bottle from the shelf behind him. He pours an amber liquid into goblet and hands it to the elf. "That'll be 2 gold pieces," the bartender says.

Wordlessly, the elf hands over the money. He raises the goblet to his mouth and begins to take a drink, starts to choke, and then with tears streaming down his face swallows the fiery liquid down. "Very good," the elf manages to croak.

The bartender smirks at him and moves on to serve other customers. A dark haired man in red velvet robes looks up from the bar and laughs, "He gave you the good stuff did he?" the man asks.

"Aye," the elf managed to choke back, "I think he did."

The man laughs again. "He does that sometimes, puts people in their place real good it does." The man looks at the elf and in a conversational tone says, "I'm Lord Tim - I'm the magistrate in charge of the town guard."

The elf looks at the man speculatively and then says, "My name is Wolfthistle. Its good to meet you."

Tim looks at the elf and says arrogantly, "Wolfthistle, eh? I've never heard of you. You mustn't be from around these parts."

"No," said the elf, "I'm new to this part of Sosaria."

Tim gets a wicked smile on his face and says, "Well, you know, newcomers can be blamed for all manner of mischief from stealing sheep right down to assaulting a noble." Tim notes the stony look on Wolfthistle's face and waves a gloved hand, to which 2 armed men move a little closer. "Why don't you buy me a drink and tell me about yourself and then we can talk about your, umm, donation to the town guard."

Wolfthistle's eyes narrow as he thinks on what to say. Seeing the hesitation Tim's gaze turns to a glare, "Don't think of lying to me either, or I'll have a noose around your neck faster than you can blink." The two guardsman loosen their broadswords in their scabbards and move a little closer.

Wolfthistle thinks on it for a few seconds and then decides he doesn't have anything to lose by telling the truth. "Well," he says, "to be honest I am the Lord of the House of Wolfthistle. We're a clan of Psychic Vampires."

Tim looks at the elf and smirks, "Looks like you've been into the strong stuff for a while already, but for the sake of entertainment, I'll humor you. Tell me more."

Wofthistle looks up at the man and with fire in his eyes says "I've told you what you wanted to know. I see no reason to tell you anything else."

The lordling smirked again, "I can think of a good reason," he said, "if I don't find you entertaining, I'll have you killed on the spot."

Wolfthistle looked around. The rest of the clientele seemed to be studiously ignoring him and the guards. Seeing no help in the foreseeable future, he gestured to the bartender to get Lord Tim a drink and then composed himself to speak.

"Well, it started many years ago. For reasons that I will not discuss with you now, a great necromancer put a curse upon my beloved wife, Ferocia. I will not go into details on the effects, but to say she acted as if possessed - complaining of voices in her head and often flying into fits of rage. And her skin turned pale and sickly." Wolfthistle looked up as the drinks came, and paid the bartender. Some people had started to gather around as he spoke and were listening in.

"I was a young samurai and I knew little of curses. In desperation, I traveled to Luna," Wolfthistle continued, "where I sought counsel from a Holy Mage. He told me of an artifact, called the Fang of Tal Shai. There was little information on the Fang in their archives, but it was said to be a holy artifact - and one that he thought would remove the curse on my beloved Ferocia." Wolfthistle paused to take a drink, and then remembering what had happened last time, he thought better of it and continued with his story.

"The Holy Mage summoned a man, clad in silvery armor and introduced him to me as Sir John. He was resplendent in his armor and there was a sort of deadly grace to him. I was to find out that he was a Legendary Paladin. The Holy Mage ordered Sir John to accompany me in my search for the Fang of Tal Shai," said Wolfthistle. Then stopping his story he looked up and saw a great crowd of people had gathered. He went on, "The story of that journey is one best left for another time. Suffice it to say that we journeyed for many months, and survived many dangers - and in the end I claimed the Fang of Tal Shai as my own. I wanted to go home and use the artifact to cure my beloved. Sir John, however, wished me to bring the artifact to the Holy City to be studied before any action was taken. I refused him, and he cursed me for a fool and we parted ways. I wish now, that I had heeded him." At that Wolfthistle gave a heavy sigh and bowed his head for a moment. When he looked up he saw that he had the rapt attention of all present.

"I returned home as quickly as I was able, and upon arriving I was informed that Ferocia had fallen into a deep sleep - in fact she had not been awake for nearly a fortnight. I went to see her in her chambers and I was afraid I was too late, as I could not see her breathing. But then it was there, very faintly her chest moved and she took a breath. I walked up and put a hand on her forehead. It was cold and clammy to touch, and her skin was very pale. In fact, in comparison to my own it looked almost white," Wolfthistle's voice dropped down to a painful whisper. "I didn't really know what to do with the artifact, but in my desperation I had thought I would figure it out - anything to save my beloved. What a fool I was. I removed the Fang of Tal Shai from my bag and, taking a deep breath, pressed the point to Ferocia's chest. Darkness began to congeal to the Fang at once, like a whirlwind it was, whipping around the point. And then, for one moment it stopped, and Ferocia's skin regained its color - and for that one moment, I felt joy. Then the darkness started to whirl around the Fang, moving closer to where my hands gripped it - and I was unable to let go. And then the darkness was within me." Wolfthistle stopped to compose himself, for a few moments, unable to continue as tears slipped down his cheeks.

When he had stopped weeping he looked up, "The literature at the Holy City was incorrect. The Fang of Tal Shai did not behave as it was thought to. Although my beloved was cured, the curse was passed on to me - the effect of the Fang on the curse was to give me control of the curse. I became a vampire. I could sense emotions in others - in fact, that is how we feed - off of the negative emotions of our enemies. For, although I was a vampire, I had never been bitten and, therefore, I have never had the blood lust that is common in other vampires. For many years I worked to learn about the artifact, and I found that I could remove the blood lust from others. At first it was only the recently bitten, but as I gained mastery over the Fang I was able to remove the blood lust from any who were willing. Slowly, my clan grew as others sought me out. That is now our purpose. We specialize in removing the blood lust from vampires, and our goal is to help any of our bretheren who wish to be free of the bloodcurse.

Wolfthistle looked over at Lord Tim, who looked very uncertain of himself. Then, as he realized that his discomfort was visible he covered it up with a fake laugh. "Thats quite the story," Lord Tim said. "Highly entertaining," he said boisterously, to cover his uncertainty, aware of the crowd of onlookers watching him. "I guess that you have entertained me well enough to let you go. No, umm, donation necessary."

Wolfthistle watched him coldly and rose to his feet. "I will go now," he said, "however, know that neither I, nor my clan, will forget you." Wolfthistle smiled as the lordling's face went pale. Then he turned and walked out of the tavern, mounted up and set off towards his new manor house.


Anyone that knows my alter ego (real life) would vouch for me that this is not my MO at all, but I have to tell ya since I was informed of Wolfthistle's passing earlier today by Southern Devil I've been at a loss.

When Wolfthistle left a year ago for a break I told him he would be back, pack up your stuff I said and get things in order. He returned recently (as did his wife as Sunwolf stated) and what a nice time it was seeing him become heavily involved in the world of Sosaria once again.

Now there seems there will never be another return, and god do I miss the idea of that. Not that this means anything Wolfthistle but you will always be thought of by me. May your new adventures bring you as much enjoyment as I know UO did.

Your friend,



Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
*tears* I known Wolfthistle for over 3 yrs. He has touched my life in many ways. When he got back from a yr break, him and I have been spending a lot of time together. Teaching him the new stuff in game and helping his wife get back in the game too. Making plans on what to do with his guild and TwT alliance. It is a honor to know him and to meet his wife. My thoughts go out to him and his family. We are here if you need us.

Your Close Friend

Southern Devil

Mongo of Yew

We have lost the company of an Honorable,Trustworthy and very Gracious Friend.
I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Wolfthistle for very long, but it was a great pleasure , a privilege and a blessing to know him.
I would say he "will be" but alas, he is aleady missed.
Rest in Peace my Friend
Mongo of Yew


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I do not want to believe it.
He was good 2 days ago...
He was very gentle.

your chicken



West Vesper Arena - Pit Mistress
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
You will be missed and always remembered, Wolfthistle......

Lady Wynn

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I am glad I was able to have met you and talk in vent . May you rest in peace.

Lady Aalia

Atlantic's Finest
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Just got the news.

I can't even begin to say how unreal this all seems especially since i just talked to him last week. I have known Wulf and Jes for many many years now and allways reguarded them as part of my UO family.

My heart goes out to you Jen and all of your family. All my heart goes out to you.

If you need anything, please send me a mail or a message on facebook.

sending you all my love from here
Be strong



Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Oh my dearest Fer....*hugs*
I am soo saddened by the news.
I keep reading it over & over again...
trying to believe that it is just not true.
He was much too young. Your lives were just beginning.
Oh my Fer, I am just so sad for you.

I have known Wolfthistle for years..when he was playing oh so long ago. He was my neighbor, and a busy college student.
He took a break for a few years, met dearest Fer, married, and together they began their lives.
Eventually he came back to UO, with his darling wife by his side.
He took a break again a few years back, but returned again to prowl
Sosaria with us.

I will treasure all my memories of our times together. All the hunts, parties, events, rp'ing adventures, and the sharing of our lives.

My friend I will miss you oh so much.
I still cannot believe it is so.

*bows head*


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I haven't had the honor of knowing him for very long, but he was indeed a great man. My heart goes out to his family. You will be missed Wolfthistle.


Goodman's Rune Library
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
My sincerest Condolances to the House of Wolfthistle and the House of Goulet. This is terribly sad news and I am having difficulty expressing my thoughts on it nevermind believing it.

Wolfthistle, You will be missed my friend. Thank you for always being a cheerful, thoughtful friend. Thank you for trying to explain armor to me even though it was pointless.

Though I imagine no words will comfort you at this time Jess, when things are quieter in the weeks and months to come, remember that your virtual family is here to comfort you and will be here for you always. I believe he led you back to us so that you would have twice as much love through this terrible time.

If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

Much Love

Lord Raven

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
It makes me very sad to hear of Wolfthistle's passing. He was a young and generous man.

I met him a few years back during what I believe was his first return to UO. Lady Rachel introduced us and I found that he had a passion for the technical aspects of the game. He spoke of SSI's and DI's and his Legendary Smith (Chalice) crafted many fine weapons for my characters to use. He patiently explained and re-explained the finer points of weapons and armor.

He was always ready to join in a hunt and Wolfthistle could defeat any foe. He was the kind of friend that would die putting bandages on another even though he could probably defeat the enemy single-handed. To him the point of the hunt was not making the kill, but being with friends. I found him to be one of the rare folks that seemed to thrive in UO by helping and giving to others.

On his most recent return to the game, he left a message at my house announcing his return. Wrapped up in closing my accounts, I didn't take the time to track him down and chat with him. I regret that now, but who would have thought that his life would be so short. I figured I could always catch up with him later...

Lad, you will be missed.

- Lord Raven of Minoc

Sebastian (BMC)

I just got the news this morning...

Man... Wolfthistle donated several items to BMC Auction and I just ran into him at New Haven bank the other day... He took me to see his new house and showed me his wife's house...

I always considered him to be a beloved friend... We bumped into each other while I was constructing BMC Capitol and he enjoyed the architecture of the place... It prompted him to bring a Helm of Insight to me and donated it for the display... That was 3yrs ago...

I saw him and exchanged very pleasent words between us as two friends that hadn't seen each other for a long while, even emoted hand shakes and pats on the back at New Haven Bank...

I cant even type anymore... I'm blown away...

Kylie Kinslayer

Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
While I did not know Wolfthistle personally {at least not on that character, I may have known him on another} I did know him by his reputation. The community of Atlantic has indeed lost another pillar imho. My heart, and prayers go out to his family and friends, may you all find some comfort and peace amongst the stress of such a loss.


stranger diamond
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I'm moved to speak as well, my condolences sunwolf, some moments like this I feel a deep sadness... then I look, then I seek...

what did I miss, why do I feel so sad ; why can't I just rest... where did it come from ?

I'm supposed to sleep soundly right now, but somehow I felt worry for my good friend Aalia, and I find myself sometimes reaching in my mind towards someone that I only know through this wonderful community. People that I could only know because of the perspective community gives to us...

that is I think the greatest gift you will learn from this man ; whom I also did not know...

But you see as I was worrying for Aalia and I ended up here after seeing she, feeling with you all decided to break a long silence.

What is it that makes us all feel like this at moments, why you Draken ; a man whom I know to be strong and never falter ; why are you at a loss ?

Everytime, it seems, an avatar is so fondly remembered that it brings us together... on the same level of equality and here we can feel how we really feel. We don't feel judged because we are strong, we don't fear because we are worthy.

You are not at a loss Draken ; you stand at a moment in time with a great consciousness and this challenges you to achieve greater ; to know that we as a people are indeed ascending (remember ultima?), and out of what ?

Out of the previous mindset... the mindset that limits our aptitude to make those avatars fondly remembered ; look towards who puts sticks in the wheels of the community. Look back and know you manifested them yourself for you to understand why we feel this way. "You"... all avatars do this as it is their purpose.

Ascension, Avatar : the mind changes the body and the body becomes self-suffiscient as the body is the transmutation of the virtues into infinity. But when the body (community) cannot become self-suffiscient and only the mind ascends (mysticism) there is premature erosion of the logic foundation of wisdom, through insiduous and indirect ways.

Reality that isn't so much true on my home world...

We then know who we are ; hold a greater perspective.

I collect this from all of you here, and there is no greater hommage to Wolfthistle you could have done.

Be at peace Avatar, and celebrate the ascension of your honored friend. Do not mourn, for nothing in nature mourns a swift death and a glorious life.



Thanks for putting thought and time into your posting Ahu, well said.


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Campaign Supporter
This is very sad news..

Wolfthistle was a great friend in game and was missed when he took his leave over a year ago. Since that time many of the previous H*W members left for other guilds or had left the game. I met him when I had made my return to UO quite some years ago, Wolfthistle was kind enough to mentor me and a fellow friend and guide us through what was a completely new Ultima Online (quitting prior to aos originally) from there we were introduced to the arpc and had alot of fun times roleplaying with his guild H*W.

I have since moved on and did not know he returned to the Ultima Online recently, would have loved to chat with him again.

My prayers are with his family and friends.