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The History of the ABM


Stratics Veteran
It was brought to my attention by kelmo, that because of sallie and all his posts on U-Hall and many of them dealing with the ABM, this may be the proper place to put a link to the History of the ABM.

The History of the ABM for all that want to Know

But as I was thinking about doing this I had another Idea, why not have a sticky post, that tells of the many other things that made this game great.

As the Mod for this forum, I would ask players to send me PM's or reply to this post with the History of Ultima Online. Little things that many of the new players have never seen or heard of. Screen Shots, of days gone by.

I agree with kelmo, I can not think of a better place to keep the history and the legacy.

Please let me know what you think, and as always Peace be with all of You