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The Headless Rider Mystery


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Drakelord submitted a new Article:

The Headless Rider Mystery

The Headless Rider Mystery
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Sallied forth they did this evening, the RBG after being summon to the Warrior’s Guild Hall assembled to await its orders.

You see: Gwendolen Kincade
Gwendolen Kincade: Good evening, everyone. *of course all present replied, waves etc..* The Library of Scars and Fellowship forces in Vesper have requested the assistance of Royal Guard. It seems there have been some odd occurrences there. They do not have enough people to handle it themselves, they've been stretched thin because of the pirate problems. Are there any questions?

Malag aste: Not sure I want to help the Fellowship rather shut them down... I...
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