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The Hand Meets the Citizens of Yew..... Again

Rick Moore

Stratics Veteran
Yew Proper

Mikael looked out over the courtyard and began to speak to the gathering crowd, a crowd circled by a dozen members of the Hand. "Citizens of Yew, I am Mikael D'Amavir and I am here representing the Hand. Let it be known that from this day forth you are now under the protection of the Hand!. Any and all taxes from this day forth will be collected by the Hand! In addition to the tax that is to be levied, a portion of ALL your goods and merchandise will be properly stored for pickup by the men you see about. If there is one amongst you that desires to share his or her thoughts with me.... Please by all means step forward and share with me your mind!"

The men and women of the small village of Yew looked at one another in silent disbelief. Thoughts of pain and suffering could be seen on the old one's faces, the ones that bore witness to the weight of the Hand in years past. A low murmur began to seep out from the gathered farmers, woodsmen and the few craftsmen that called Yew home. Finally, a young woman no more than thirty years of age stepped forward. "What gives you the right to make this claim? Gillian is the rightful Gov'nor of Yew. Not this rabble you refer to as the Hand."

A hushed silence fell over the crowd as those gathered waited to see the reaction of the man calling himself Mikael D'Amavir. Mikael paused as if to gather his thoughts before speaking. He drew in what seemed a remorseful breath and simply replied, "Tsuki."

As all eyes were on Mikael waiting on his reply, no one noticed the nondescript man appear behind the woman that had spoken against the Hand. The death strike was blindingly fast as her neck was splayed open in a single slash. Before her body slumped to the ground and her life's blood spilled out onto the ground, her assassin had already vanished.

"Anyone else?"

Mikael D'Amavir >H<
The Hand of Terror
The only way to make good is to be bad
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