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The Guild Wars


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Kijustsu Anei City.
Capital of the Ethereal Void Imperium, city of mages, city of craftsmen, city of wealth... a city with little government.
For more years then most can remember the lands that now make up Kijustsu Anei have been rich. First the wonderful natural harbor to the west of the city and the moongate. Now with the large teleporter system the City is a fast way to get almost anywhere. With all of these boons trade has flourished in the city. Yet despite all that gold Kijustsu Anei has very little in the way of guards and government. This has brought in the thieves and the cutthroats as well as Savages and Orcs. Now with the disappearance of the newest law enforcer, Magistrate Mirt, the opportunity to take control of the streets is presenting itself to all the guilds. Which guild can gain control of the streets and famous dark alleyways of Kijustsu Anei?

The Guild Wars are a setup adventure that is attempting to allow different factions and play styles to all interact in one big RP event. In order to accommodate the multiple styles of play, this will not be all about thieving, or killing each other, or racing each other. Hopefully all different parts will come together and allow people to advance their guild.

First the Guilds

Currently the following guilds are involved in the fighting in Kijustsu Anei

The Tonkaweya Tribe/ Savages
The savages have the distinctive dress of, well savages.
Savages will equip torches when they are willing to engage in combat.

Youkaiko will be wearing either Green or Black clothing.
When a -Y- member is willing to engage in combat they will wear a hood that covers their face (like a shroud of shadows or a hooded robe of umbra.

Society of the Honorius
Members of the Society of the Honorius will be wearing black and red.
When looking to engage in combat Society of the Honorius members will equip a wand.

Now for the rules for combat.

First and foremost just because someone is a member of the opposite guild does not mean you can just attack them, first they must be wearing or having equipped their items. Also we are all friends here, so if it appears that someone has lost connection there is no need to kill them off.

Second it is important that to prevent this from getting out of hand, the only multiple slots pets that will be allowed to enter combat are regular dragons, drakes and nightmares. This is only to keep things from spiraling out of control and to help provide some balance.

Third on mini events that will be held, once the event is started all guild members in the event area will be consenting to combat. This will allow people multiple ways to complete the events and it may be by stopping the other guilds from completing them.

On to how it all works.

The way all of this will come together is that depending on how many opponents your guild kills, and how many events you are successful at will determine how large your area of influence will become. Your area of influence will be shown by a map posted here that will be updated from time to time. Obviously the larger the area the more power you will have. The events will be varied and will allow the guilds that are less directly confrontational to still have a decent chance.

Each Guild is fighting to gain more control over the village, control that can be shown by their area of influence. This will initially start as a small area around the bulk of your buildings, but over time can expand to include the entire village. Additionally control of certain key areas may provide special benifit.

Lord Gareth

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Working on the map now. Sorry for the Delay



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There are currently rumors that Mordin the Miner is looking for people to assist him in some undertaking.

This will be the first mini-event of the Guild Wars. It is important to remember that anyone in the areas of the event who is part of a participating guild may be considered ready for combat. Good luck everyone and be ready for anything. Mordin should be around the village on Thursday the June 24 after PM for those wishing to help him