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The Griefer of Stormwind vs. the Argent Dawn



The Griefer of Stormwind vs. the Argent Dawn

So the Zombies are gone and now new people find new ways to grief their own faction.* I stood for at least an hour watching a person kill the Argent Dawn in Stormwind* after being asked by other players to stop numerous times.* Did she?* No, she didn't and I hope she realized how rude and inconsiderate this is to her own faction.* She interrupted the ability for other players to turn in and get quests from the NPC's and wouldn't even let a person talk to one long enough to do either.* So let's delve into what a griefer is, per Wikipedia here is what I found:
"Griefers differ from typical players in that they do not play the game in order to achieve objectives defined by the game world. Instead, they seek to harass other players, causing grief. In particular, they may use tools such as stalking, hurling insults, and exploiting unintended game mechanics. Griefing as a gaming play style is not simply any action that may be considered morally incorrect. Though the staff of each online game defines griefing in a manner that best fits their game, certain criteria must be met for an action to be considered griefing. An act of griefing involves the following three types of actions to be considered grief play:

  • The use or abuse of a game mechanic*that was not intended by the game's developers.
  • The inability of the victim to exact some means of retribution beyond utilizing similar unintended game mechanics.
  • The intended purpose of an act of griefing must be to negatively impact the game play of another person.
An act of griefing usually meets all these criteria as well as any game specific criteria set by the developers of the game."
Even after players healed the NPC and it chased her out of town, she still came back and started all over again.* After a bit it makes you wonder.* Numerous players came forward and asked the player to stop as it was interrupting their game play.* Yet, she continued saying those players, including myself as I said something to her were interrupting hers.*
Here's the issue with this, it was not like Horde was invading and we could PvP them out of the city.* Unlike when an opposing Faction targets NPC's the locals can fight back, but since this technically is against her own Faction there isn't much one can do other than the following options...
1.* Heal the NPC and hope they kill her. 2.* Attempt to duel her so she stops. 3. Attempt* block her targeting to make it more difficult and hope she gets bored.
When I looked this one up and learned she was flagged for PvP it could be considered a violation of the Terms of Use because no one from her own faction can do a lot to stop her and for that reason it could be deemed as a form of griefing/harassment.** This is what I learned, "Because there are no PvP solutions for (Horde vs. Horde or Alliance vs. Alliance), normal policies and guidelines will be enforced."* That rule was created for PvP servers but in this instance it can also be applied here.*
This is the other*rule that*needs*to be considered*and the consequences:
"Zone/Area Disruption
This category includes language and/or actions intended to disturb groups of players or areas of the world, such as: Disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings Excessive use of in-game sounds or visuals Excessively casting spells with noticeable effects in crowded areas Impeding or blocking access to an NPC, doodad, doorway, or any other area of the world that a player would normally be able to access
If a player is found to have disrupted an area of the world or a group of players, he/she may:
Be given a warning Be temporarily suspended from the game if behavior continues"*
I'm not writing this to police others activities, but I feel people need a voice.* It is not fun when other players get a thrill out of disrupting peoples play.* Which is exactly what this situation was.* I will never be able to comprehend what makes a person behave in such a despicable and selfish manner.* One can only guess if the GM's will do anything even though players stated they reported her, I hope they do as this behavior is disruptive and disrespectful to a fellow player.* Perhaps my words will not completely fall upon deaf ears and something may come it, but alas all I can do is let people know and inform them. On a good note after*a*while the player simply vanished and I prey she learned her lesson, but I have a sinking feeling she'll be back if allowed to persue this type of behavior...
*Taken from the Blizzard support page about harrassment.

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