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The First Description of the Dark Tower by Xander (Dark Tower)

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1999: The Dark Tower was a sort of Evil Mage Tower...

In the darkest, most remote corner of Sheol lies the infamous Dark Tower. Built of the mysterious substance called Blackrock, empowered by the chained spirits of eight slain souls, the Dark Tower stands as home for those who will not allow something as meaningless as Virtue to stand in the way of their magical studies. From Demonology, to Necromancy, to Sorcery, the Dark Tower is where the most feared mages in the land dwell.

In the Dark Tower, secrets are made, kept, and broken. Mages duel for power by magic, by summoning servants, and by taking the form of beasts. Shunning weapons, the Dark Tower mages abide by the might of their own spells. Spells which mean death for any not of the Tower, for any who dare to enter the Tower.

A mage who wishes to join this exalted body must apply at the foot of the Dark Tower. He must display his magical prowess and present a token of his desire to follow darker paths. If he is found worthy, the Masters will make of him an INITIATE.

After some time, the Masters will test the Initiate's knowledge of ethereal matters and present to him a quest. If he succeeds, he will be named an ACOLYTE. Then, he is permitted to study under a particular Master, running errands for him and aiding in his experiments.

When a Master feels his Acolyte is ready, he presents him to the Cabal. There, the Acolyte undergoes a rigorous, highly secret testing, the failure of which means death. Should he succeed, he will be named ADEPT.

Adepts aid in teaching the Initiates and are permitted to follow their own research. When it is felt his studies have advanced enough, he is finally made a MASTER.

Only the greatest, most powerful mages may become a Master. It is they who determine who may enter the Dark Tower. But beyond even the Masters stand Five who are the CABAL.

It is the Cabal who truly rules the Dark Tower. One for each point of the Pentagram, the Cabal serves as the focus for all the great magicks worked in Sheol. Those mages who make up the Cabal, are truly the most feared, most powerful mages in the land.

If you feel you are worthy to be in the Dark Tower, post in the Sheol forum, and a Mage will contact you, or contact Kaganos at [email protected].
Not open for further replies.