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(RP) The Election


Seasoned Veteran
*taps communication crystal*


Alright, I suppose it's transmitting..

Ahem, Hail!

I am Jepeth, knight and swordsman in service to the King and I am running for the Governorship of Skara Brae.

I, ah, find it difficult to speak of myself in this manner. I was told simply paying the crier to shout "hear ye, hear ye, vote Jepeth!" was not a very effective strategy. Instead, I was encouraged to speak openly about myself and why I would wish to serve the realm as one of His Royal Highness' Governors.

My family is not high born. We're of the fisher class on the island. Some of my relatives work the fields of Corwyn just on the mainland. I had an uncle who died in a knife fight at The Black Rose Brewery. When I was five I ran our skiff into Iver's Rounding. Skara Brae is who I am.

In service to the realm I was conscripted into Queen Dawn's army and the initial expedition into Ilshenar. I fought the Juka street to street in Mistas. My detachment brought low abominations wearing the face of our King. I even helped cart the stone for the Shrine of Spirituality there. For my deeds in Ilshenar I returned home with a knighthood and a title, more than the son of countless previous fishermen could ever dream.

Our shrines to the virtues have been vandalized. Groups like the so-called 'Fellowship' threaten the rule of law in Britannia. Our realm needs leadership.

I want to serve our island by being its representative to the Royal Council. I want to continue the success our previous Governors have had in maintaining our coffers and trade deals. I want to help Skara Brae be the city of Spirituality for the entire realm.

If you are a citizen of our fair island please vote for Jepeth!