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The Crusade

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[size=+3]The Crusade[/size]

The Crusader’s Oath
For glory, for Passion, for Immortality. Our Fate, Forged by the Gods. Our Destiny, Wrought by our Actions. Through Triumph and Devastation, We will be Remembered.

The Crusade Hierarchy


Esellesar and Meldarion are the Overlords for the guild, and they play the role of supreme deciders. In this situation such a system will work because the two leaders we have are trustworthy and will consult the council on major decisions. The Overlords can enact executive powers but these powers are not to be abused. The two leaders of the guild are slightly above the Council because of the hard work and time they have dedicated to the guild. However the opinions of everyone involved in the guild will be heard and every opinion or suggestion will be discussed by the Council with the Leaders.


The political portion of the Hierarchy is in charge of forming policy with other guilds and domestic policy for the guild itself.

The High Council is the legislative body of the Guild, and its job is to oversee the actions of those serving in both the Military and Economic branches of the Hierarchy. While the Council cannot overrule an Overlord, those serving as Overlords will not ignore The Council Members opinions. The Council is comprised of the top two military leaders, the CFO, ambassadors, and those individually appointed to the Council.

Ambassadors are the only members of the guild allowed to leave and join other guilds (though this is on a temporary basis). This allows them to carry out their duties. Namely, forming positive relationships with the other Guilds on our server who we may seek Alliances, or Ceasefires with. If an Ambassador is treated unfairly, it will be reported and there will be consequences. As it stands, our ambassadors are Damo Tiran and Soulforge.

Normal Council members will often be found serving in many different roles throughout the branches of the Hierarchy; indeed, the leadership will likely overlap in many different ways. There is no restriction on how many different branches you can serve in.


The High Council and the Overlords will oversee the actions of the Military. The Grand Admiral and General will answer only to the Overlords for each Military Leader will be Appointed to the Council to avoid any middlemen.


Grand Admiral Forodmegil will run the navy. He has made clear that he wishes to have a sprawling, formidable navy. The Overlords and Council members agree with Forodmegil. Naval combat will be extremely important in Darkfall and The Crusade will put the time and effort to build up our fleet.

The 4 Lord Admirals will each be in charge of 25% of the map’s water (i.e. Northwestern, Northeastern, Southwestern, Southeastern seas). Forodmegil will appoint the Lord Admirals while being advised by the High Council.

The Captains will be chosen the same way as Admirals; there will be one captain per ship in the navy. Let it also be noted that Captains will not apply on their whim, but when ships become available. The system will work something like this: As each new ship is created, a new topic will be started by the Grand Admiral with the specifications of the ship in the Command Positions forum, and all are welcome to reply with their application for the command. As the ships we build get larger and larger, some Captains of the older, smaller vessels will obviously want to apply for the larger ships; they will be given first priority in the selection process; essentially, you can build tenure as a Captain in Crusade Armada. In addition, new threads will be opened up to replace those Captains who are moving up.

The Captain of each vessel will handpick the First Officers. The tenure of the First Officer is decided on the whim of that vessel’s Captain; this is to ensure that ship operations go smoothly. However, if the Council or the Grand Admiral should will it, a Captain can be compelled to take a Council-selected First Officer.


The General of the Army, Krunk, will be in charge of all land-based combat operations. He will be in charge of ensuring stable and plentiful supplies are produced by the respective trade guilds or purchased on the market. This will be done in conjunction with the Trade Chairman and the CFO, respectively. This system will be elaborated on in the Economic section of this breakdown.

The Captains, appointed by General Krunk, will be in charge of smaller groups of soldiers, and will take care of the front-line orders and instructions. The chain of command will go something as follows: the General tells the Captain to flank right. The Captain is then required to make a quick decision on how to carry out that order; his job is to make the General’s order happen in a quick, efficient, and effective way, whatever that may entail.

General Krunk has also seen fit to create a rank that will serve under the Captains, the Lieutenants. Their job will be to further break down the chain of command and help to organize things on the player-to-player basis; the Captain will give the Lieutenant the General’s orders with instructions on how to carry them out, and then the Lieutenant’s job is to coordinate their squad of men (usually from 5 to 8 people) to send the healer here, archers do this and that, melee more in and cover the casters, etc. The Lieutenant’s job is to know his squad and its limitations, and to use this knowledge of his men to coordinate them into the best possible fighting force.


The Chief Financial Officer, Soulforge, will oversee all parts of the Economic system. His job will also be to coordinate efforts between the Military and the Trade Guilds (making sure soldiers have the required equipment, ensuring that the Navy has the ships that they need, etc) as well as funding the Guild proper. This will include both ends of the money chain: the spending and the gathering, whether it be through the markets (buying then reselling commodities at higher prices), levying taxes on the membership, or selling wares produced by the Trade Guilds. The CFO’s powers will be extremely extensive, mainly due to the fact that there are a plethora of unforeseeable circumstances that he will likely have to deal with.

The Trade Chairman, Madbart, is in charge of coordinating the different trade guilds. This will be vital because there will be trade guilds in charge of both gathering and producing, meaning that there will be a delicate balance between the supply of raw materials coming in and the demand of the producing guilds for that raw supply. The Trade Chairman will have to make sure that our resources are being allocated at maximum efficiency.
The Trade Guild Masters will be in charge of their own respective area, whether it be woodcutting or weaponsmithing.

The High Council will provide oversight and mandates as needed to all positions. Production mandates can be set by the Council, but this will only occur in the most extreme situations.

The Crusade takes any word or oath between another guild very seriously. That is why we do not have any Alliances. We are open to discussions about an Alliance but the process will be slow. We believe in getting to know our possible friends and enemies before a decision is made.

Background of The Crusade
The Crusade is an Online Gaming Community that dates back to August 12, 2004 when Esellesar started this guild with a very different name for Lord of the Rings Online. Back then, we were known as Men of the West. This name was used throughout many other games include such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and Age of Conan where we changed our name to Downfall. In each game, we set a standard for our server and ourselves. We have come to Darkfall to play a fantastic game and to set yet another standard in how online gaming should be. We have dawned a new name to play this game, but nothing else has changed. The Crusade is looking forward to the challenges of this game and the challenges of each and every established guild for Darkfall.

Style of The Crusade
The Crusade has been around for a good number of years now. We have played many games and adapted quite well to each one. In this game we will be more PvP oriented than in games past. We do not QQ and do not condone QQ’ing. If a member of The Crusade is seen doing this publicly, they will be dismissed. We are a very loyal guild as long as our friends and allies are loyal to us. If they are not, war will be upon them, and our retribution will be swift. To summarize our style of play then, fairly hardcore, while having a defensive mindset in PvP. If that does not sound like your gaming style, or if you do not feel like you can play Darkfall like that while in this guild, you need not apply.

The Crusade and Darkfall
Darkfall will be an amazing game and The Crusade is excited to play this much-anticipated game. Many of our members have been following this game for years. However the guild itself has just recently come out of the hell hole that was Age of Conan and are now looking for any game to play. Darkfall appears to have massive potential and should be a vast improvement over Age of Conan. The Crusade is gathering strength and currently recruiting. We are contacting our large member base that we have accumulated over the years. If you would like to join The Crusade for Darkfall please fill out an application which can be found below. Post this application on our forums and you will receive further instructions.

The Crusade Requirements
The Crusade currently does not have any age requirements because we have found that if you are 15 and can act more mature than a 20 year old (happens quite often) then why shouldn’t you be allowed to join? We do ask that your in-game name is some what lore appropriate meaning no names like (i:heart:xbox). Participation in events scheduled for our guild is not mandatory but it is recommended. Those that participate in guild events and who are on regularly will receive promotions faster than members who log on once a month. In game, our rule of thumb is that 30 days of inactivity will result of you being dismissed unless you talk to someone on the Council. This is to create an active member base and does not allow our guild to become stagnant. If these rules seem to strict, please do not apply. If you are okay with these very laid back rules then feel free to apply below.

The Crusade Application

Your Proposed Character
1. Name:
2. Race:
3. Class or style (tank, dps, etc):
4. Crafting:
5. Position Desired if Accepted (above or on thecrusa.de):

Questions about Yourself
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Hobbies:
5. MMORPG Experience (Former games and guilds):
6. What assets can you bring to the guild if accepted?:
7. What attracted you to this guild, and how did you hear about us?:
8. Name 1 thing you would change within the guild:
9. What is your gaming style?:
10. What are your goals for the guild if accepted?:

Natural Law
Natural Law are the rules we have made for The Crusade. If you break them, there will be consequences. Read carefully and do not forget them.

1. Be respectful to ALL members of The Crusade (in and out of the game)
2. Be respectful to ANY friends or allies of The Crusade (in an out of the game).
3. Stay active in game and out of the game. Meaning login once a month or be kicked and post once a month or be kicked.
4. Members of The Crusade may not be a member of another guild, and we require that any alts you may have be in The Crusade as well.
5. Do not harass members of the Darkfall community.
6. To participate in large-scale guild events, Ventrilo is required.
7. Last one, go have fun as long as its not breaking rules or misrepresenting the guild.

The Crusade is a tight knit group who has been playing together for years. We enjoy meeting new people and encourage new members to join. We are laid back in Ventrilo and have great time together. Playing Darkfall is not a job to us, its something fun and enjoyable. We understand members have jobs, classes to attend, and on some rare occasion a social event to attend. If you want a guild who knows how to get things done and be successful while still having a great time The Crusade is for you.​


Hey Dave, post looks good!

If you are looking for an organized guild who has been around for many years this is it!


Quick Reply wouldn't work. Back again. These forums are quite nice. Not as friendly as warcry, but no ***** like at ige or ign whichever one.