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The Bloody Brew Tavern (RP Only) Every Thursday, 9 PM EST

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Name: The Bloody Brew Tavern
Server: Catskills
Location: Malas, 32'N, 2'E
Operated by: Children of Darkness
Days Open: Thursdays
Times Open: 9 PM to 11 PM EST
Player Styles Allowed: RP Only
RPvP Allowed: Yes, within reason.

The Bloody Brew tavern is open to all members of the Role Playing community on Thursdays at or around 9 PM EST. All "other worldly" characters are asked to stay in masquerade. RPvP is allowed on these nights, although you may be asked to take it outside.

Pictures, Links, or Maps:

The Bloody Brew: Feature Page on CoD Site

The Bloody Brew: Feature Page on UO Guide
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