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The Beginning (A Story...Part 5)

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War of the Roses

A soft knock resounded in the small room, I was reluctant to rise from the comfort of the bed, but rapping refused to cease. Rising, I wrapped myself in a soft pale blue robe, and shuffled to the door. The girl, Lilly was standing there, looking as though she had been up for hours ready to start the day.

“Mistress Rose” She began, her voice lowered as if in secret. “His Eminence wished to have word with you as soon as you are ready for the day.”

I stretched, a loud unladylike yawn escaping my mouth. Lilly grinned, and turned to walk down the dark halls. I moved to the bed side, lighting the candle that sat modestly upon the small table. Sinking back onto the bed, I contemplated the morning. A few scant rays of early morning light cast long glowing fields across the stone floor, little motes of dust danced through the pale gleam.

Deciding that surely that early morning travel would be the best mode for me, and more than likely the bandits that roamed the countryside would be at rest in the early morning hours. I dressed quickly, donning the fresh new kilt its ebony threads finely woven, a fine pale green shirt, and a pair of shoes with the most comfortable soles. A black cloak hung carefully over a chair was the last item, which I draped over my arm whilst swinging my pack upon my shoulder.

I opened the door, slipping quietly into the halls, so that I would not wake the others. Lilly again was standing outside of it, her cheery little face beaming. I wondered how one could be so happy all of the time, but then in a wonderfully peaceful place such as this how could one be of dour mood.

“Come Ma’am” She turned and moved with the swiftness of youth down the long corridor.

I noticed several other folks talking in soft tones as we neared the greater hall, each again pausing to smile and nod politely. I could not help but grin and feel light, for this place certainly made one feel much at ease. She ushered me quickly up the stairs, pausing before a door and rapping softly upon it in a intricate series of thumps and taps. A bell rung twice quickly in response and she opened the door.

The room was long and a table of almost equal length stretched its distance. A vast row of book laden shelves lined the walls, scrolls in varying degrees of completeness were scattered across the tables and floors. Several small oil lamps lit the room, and there at the end of the table, his head bent over an aged and yellowed parchment, was the very man who had saved me.

He looked up, his face smiling softly as he waved me over to his side. As I sat beside him, he waved his hand and Lilly bowed low then moved out of the door.

“You Eminence, “ My voice filled with awe and gratitude “never can I repay you for such kindness.”

He chuckled. “Enough with the formalities Rose, simply call me Raynald He grinned then “And as for saving you, well there is nothing that he could have done given your position at the moment.”

I looked at him quite startled. Then waited as he continued to speak.

“These woods are dangerous to those such as you.”
“Such as me? But I am only a poor bard, nothing more.”

“Ah young one, you are more than that.” His face looked quite amused, casting a youthful glow in his aged face.

“I am?” I was confused, which as of late has been a most dreadful and constant state for me.

“Aye, indeed you are. You see, the men and woman that wander this country side seek several things from the young travelers. One being the sick joy they get from your death, but even worse is the ecstasy they derive from turning you to their side.” He paused, his thick bushy brows drawing together, lips pursed slightly as he continued. “If they succeed in turning one to their side, then they have in some part destroyed the Virtues. And to them it is the ultimate prize.”

“The Virtues? But Sir, how can one ever lose the Virtues?” I quickly raced through each of the eight virtues, recalling what Edmund Greyfox had taught me so long ago.

“Ah childe, they can be lost, Britannia herself has gone through several bouts and violent battles over the Virtues. Many a brave soul has been lost in the name of them. Even now we face the evil.”

I pondered this a moment, recalling the tales heard in town of the mage’s and their golems that walked the countryside and tell of Exodus. Surely we would win, the Virtues always win.

“Sir, what have the Virtues to do with me?”

“Girl, you hold within you, as do all youth, the purity of the Virtues, unspoiled by the vile creatures that pray upon the weak. Alas, in this day greed so verily defeats the draw of the Virtues, damnable trade it is.”

I nodded, having seen the greed at work in town, folks haggling over the price of a simple deck of card, begging more gold than I have ever laid eyes upon. It was a sad sight, to see fine wares that should be cherished and displayed in a proper place for all to see, bargained for at what must be a souls price.

“Rose, walk the path of the Virtues, keep them close at heart and in mind always.” His chin lifted, his eyes betrayed the sadness he must feel over the turning of the tides.

“Yes Sir, I shall.” I said it in haste, feeling the solid resolve to do just that settle into my being.

He sat silent for a moment, his silvery blue eyes lost in deep thought. I watched him, admiring him for what he was, and how steadfast he clung to what he believed. If only others had the encounter with him that I had been so honored to have.

“Whom do you seek Rose?” The change in tone, indicated that he had changed subjects.

“I... well I seek one called Dor, and a place called the Yew Merry Center for All.”

“Ahhh!” He chuckled, his face lightening “Dear Dor, ah fine woman indeed!”

“As I have heard Sir”

“She is the very solid block of the YMCA, you seek good companions girl.” He nodded firmly “Your journey is almost over. You have but a half days ride to reach it, and most of it in the territory of the town.”

“Oh grand!” I felt the wash of relief flood over me.

“We best set you on your way, morning is the safest for travel.” With that he lifted his small bell, ringing it thrice then rising.
I followed him down the stairs and through the large heavy doors. The sun had risen brightly in the sky and there stood Chicken, prancing gaily in the slight morning breeze. I ran to her, tossing my arms around her great neck.

“Girl! Ah you look quite fit today!” I crooned at her, and she replied with a soft nickering.

“Safe travels Rose, remember the Virtues young one.” Raynald piped from behind me.

I turned, bowing low to this most deserving man. My voice thick with emotion and gratitude.

“Your Eminence, never shall I forget.”

He nodded, his chin lifted, blue eyes bright and wise. I quickly gained my mount, turning her to the south as the stable boy had indicated.

“Be well, and forever thank you.” I said, then tapping Chicken in the sides we sped away along the winding road.

To be continued....

From the Journals of Rose Bush of Sonoma


<center>The Saga of Auburn Rose~Tale of Britannia</font color=FF3030></center>


Will Rose find the elusive Dor? Will the bandits that frequent the YMCA be first to greet her? Will Spin be lying on the steps in a druken stupor? All these and more as the story continues............

The House of Wisdom--where truth and knowledge become one.

Khal Drogo

aye, The YMCA is a place of many good friends!

Khal Drogo-Mage/Bard

Dor of Sonoma


Thankee :)


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Dragon Valor


I wonder if Lorian, Az, Spin
and all the others will make
a cameo in the next story

I am the purifier, the light that clears all shadows.
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Jewel Blackspot

You know what I hate about "..To be continued stories?" The wait (I'm so impatient *sighs*). I haven't been around long enough to know how quickly you write the journal entries, but I think it's great that 4 and 5 are close together. I love stories and storytellers hold a special snuggly wuggly place in my heart, be sure to add me to your Readers list. ;)


amor fati

War of the Roses

Usually I post them every day or every other. Though on occasion I take a weekend or a few days off since I do have two storylines going (and have been sorely remiss in the other). I am glad you enjoy them and hope that I can continue them, which with this group I should never run out of ideas for storylines.


<center>The Saga of Auburn Rose~Tale of Britannia</font color=FF3030></center>