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The Begining (A story)

  • Thread starter War of the Roses
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War of the Roses


I jolted up in the small cot, nearly falling to the floor. My eyes wild and full of the remnants of sleep searched through the dawn soaked room. Silence flooded my ears, the rushing of my heartbeat thundering like the hooves of a million horses echoed loudly within my mind. In the sparse light I could see nothing but soft dust motes floating through the pale golden morning’s rays.

I contemplated sleep again, my body still aching from my long journey, saddle sores burned upon each rounded cheek of my ample rear. I knew that the days travels would complete the trek, and though my excitement was enormous, the need for rest tugged upon my very human soul.

Easing back into the tiny cot, my eyes falling swiftly shut, the loud crash came again, this time as not such a surprise as last. Along with is the cursing of two women. With regretful resolve I rolled from the cot, dressing slowly in the now lightening room.

I emerged from the small room, spying the two women who argued by the door the kitchen, two large pots lay on the ground, their contents spilled in growing puddles. I shrugged on my dust covered cloak and left the small dirty inn.

With eyes half lidded against the onslaught of the sun, I made my way slowly to the stables to retrieve my old nag. The stable master was gruff and seemed more than irritated at my disturbance of his morning meal. I handed him several gold pieces for his inconvenience, which seemed to do nothing for the stooped mans dour mood.

I led the dirty gray horse out of the stables, she danced against the pull of the bridle.

“Enough now, Chicken” I admonished her, giving her a scolding look in the process.

She whinnied in response, though it sounded more like the cackling of a hen than a horse’s husky laugh. Hence the name Chicken, for that is what she though she was, and oddly in the face of danger she more than matched her dubious title.

I gained the mount quickly, as quickly as my groaning body would allow and directed her along the winding streets of Minoc. She tugged at the reins, I could feel her muscles coil in her flanks, the need to stretch her legs getting the best of her. I leaned close to her ear, patting the sides of her thick neck as I spoke.

“Now girl, not in town, what would the villagers think of a wild beast as yourself barreling down on them at full tilt?” With this she tossed her head and regained her composure.

As soon at the well cared for streets of the town were behind us she broke free, her neck stretched forward as she moved with a fluid grace that one would not expect from such a rather homely beast. She huffed with each pounding step, her stride gaining as she strived to break free of the laws that dictate speed and travel.

The wind whipped wildly through my hair, exhilaration wiping all strands of exhaustion from my body. I smiled a tight lipped smile, not wishing to arrive at my destination with bugs trapped between my teeth, my ol’ girl certainly knew what was best for me and for that I was appreciative of this fine beast.

To be continued....

From the Journals of Rose Bush of Sonoma


<center>The Saga of Auburn Rose~Tale of Britannia</font color=FF3030></center>

Dor of Sonoma

A wondrously well-told tale, m'dear!

I look forward to the next installment with great anticipation. :)

(Thank you!)


<font color=blue>The Lone Ranger</font color=blue>
<font color=purple>Guildmaster,</font color=purple><font color=red>Sonoma War Games</font color=red>


MORE! ... please. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

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