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The Baja Roleplayers Alliance [Revised Mission Statement and Rules of Conduct]

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Introduction -

The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance [BRPA] is a project that began in December 2008. Since then our shard has become the premiere RP destination on the West Coast.

Ours is a mature-themed community that explores human nature through an emphasis on conflict and intrigue. We have also branched from the D&D / LotR tropes of other shards to embrace an eclectic mix of High and Low Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic Fiction and Gothic Horror ...the same standards found throughout the Ultima Series.

Mission Statement -

The Alliance facilitates communication between the various guilds and characters through the OOC Alliance Chat. Chat can be used to initiate and find encounters, discuss events, and socialize with other roleplayers.

The Alliance also serves as a medium for IC Conflict and Warfare. Conflict breeds Interaction.

Our Goals -

1. To promote and encourage Roleplaying and Storytelling on the Baja Shard of Ultima Online.

2. To be an outlet for the Creative Minds of our Shard.

3. To facilitate an active dialogue between Roleplaying Guilds and Communities. That means promoting a body of Mature Adults who are not interested in drama ...but instead interested in the exchange of ideas and the advancement of our Shard.

4. To promote a unique backdrop for storylines and roleplaying events, based upon the Lore of Ultima but uniquely tailored to Baja's individual flavor; allowing for the individual contributions of its members to have a key influence in the storytelling. Baja has a rich history based on various genres including High Fantasy (Ravenshire and the Elf Clans), Classical Realism (the Rangers of the Realm), Satire (House Goodfellow), and Gothic Horror (the Dark Tower and the Kingdom of Valderia).

5. To assist in the development of new roleplaying guilds and the promotion of existing ones.

6. To help those who are interested in roleplaying - or those simply seeking to test the waters - come into a community that is easily accessable enjoyable to participate in.

7. To put our resources and talents together to achieve strength in numbers. Traditional Roleplayers have often been disadvantaged when it comes to the pursuit of End Game Spawn and Raid Opportunities. We on the other hand encourage our members to assist each other in such activities.

8. To build the Community. While the BRPA Taming Hour is not an RP Event it is something that benefits Baja as a whole and it should be our goal to encourage such activities.

9. To facilitate the implementation of IC Conflict through a backdrop of Political Intrigue and the Struggle between those who consider themselves 'Good' and 'Evil,' which often doesn't develop in such neat divisions.

Rules of Conduct -

1. Respect One Another. You should do unto others as you would wish them do unto you.

2. Remain In Character. There are some obvious exceptions (e.g. mutual agreement by all parties present in a gathered location for the expressed purpose of being OOC, EM Meet & Greets), but there is a general expectation that when you are sitting in the Sea Witch Tavern or the Dragons Breath that all present are IC. If you're discussing the actions of Queen Dawn and across the room someone else is discussing the World Series it can become a distraction.

3. Names should be appropriate to the Setting. You are expected to be creative - there is a multitude of human cultures represented in Ultima Lore, each possessing their own naming and title conventions - but "Puff Daddy" or "eLvIs SuXxOrz" are not appropriate in a Roleplaying Alliance.

Surnames (e.g. "Valek Typhoon" or "Bryelle Vaughn"), Titles ("The Nameless One") and Visual Cues ("A Town Guard" or "A Crazed Person") welcome and encouraged.

4. You must Roleplay before Attacking another Character. There are obviously some exceptions (e.g. Assassinations). But generally you should give that other character a chance to respond. (i.e. *...emerges from the shadows and lunges at Bucko with a knife.* would be appropriate.) This gives the player a chance to respond, surrender, and also gives you the chance to establish if that person is IC, and establish if that person is Present At Keyboard.

5. Those wearing Death Robes (See Rules of Engagement) are not to be engaged or assaulted under any circumstance.

6. OOC Discussion should be limited to Party / Guild / Alliance / Global Chat, and ICQ unless otherwise agreed upon by all parties present. If OOC needs to take place use parenthesis.

7. Alliance Chat is considered to be Out of Character. But there are some exceptions. If a wildfire is burning in Avalon and you want people in the Kingdom of Dawn to see a column of smoke rising over the mountains make sure it is clear that the description is IC.

The above scenario is actually encouraged. This is a way of drawing roleplayers to a site to engage in IC Interaction that would otherwise not occur.

8. Complains and Greviences are to be brought to the attention of your Guild and Alliance Leadership.

9. No Metagaming or Godmoding. Metagaming is knowing something your character wouldn't know (i.e. What underwear the Duchess wears) without some appropriate IC justification. Godmoding is making yourself invincible (i.e. someone swings an axe at you and it bounces off), or an action someone doesn't have the chance to prevent (i.e. emoting a perfect swing that beheads the Town Guard). Engaging in any of these activities will get you ignored.

10. All Alliance Guilds should have the expressed interest and desire to Roleplay. We understand that there are multiple levels of IC Interaction - from Casual to Total Immersion - but this is a First a Roleplaying Alliance and members are expected to conduct themselves as Roleplayers.

11. We are all adults. Therefore it should come as no surprise that some of our Stories and Interactions might sometimes deal with Mature Themes. (e.g. Violence. Gore. Sexual Themes. Torture. Race and Class Struggles. Religion. Death.)

No one should ever feel obligated to participate in interaction that leaves them uncomfortable. On the other hand roleplayers should be careful not to step over that indistinct line between Good RP and Offensive Behavior. (See Rule 1.)
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Babbling Loonie
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Re: The Baja Roleplayers Alliance. [Revised Mission Statement and Rules of Conduct]

Rules of Engagement

1. Defeat. [The Death Robe Rule.]
When defeated in a PvP Confrontation that character is to be considered gravely injured and is removed from combat.

Ressurect. Gather your gear. Keep the Death Robe on for the Duration of 10 Minutes to indicate that you are 'KO'ed.'

You may return to the field at the end of this duration though I recommend that this be done realistically based on injuries sustained.

Large Scale Battles might require longer durations if the Leaders of Both Parties agree to such measures before said Engagement.
2. Roleplaying Comes First.
You should indicate your characters hostility before engaging another RPC. This will give said RPC the chance to Surrender or Diffuse the Situation.

This also prevents characters from being engaged who might be Away From Keyboard.
3. Help Return Items.
You are responsible OOC for those characters you engage IC.
4. Drama.
If there is Out of Character Drama that arises outside the confines of RP - i.e. a misunderstanding between players - you should not be attacking said character or engaging in RPvP. Contact your respective RPGM and AGM WarderDragon.

Do not try to settle disputes by Griefing. I have a strict Zero Tolerance Policy on OOC Drama and Griefing / Ressurection Kills.
5. PRC Township Barriers.
When two Townships are engaged in a RPvP War it is advantageous for said Townships to create fortifications and defenses in such an event. Therefore said guild might fortify buildings with cannons, create watch towers and begin patrolling the border of their domain.

But these fortifications are useless if the enemy can just recall in behind them.

Townships are considered to have an Enchanted Barrier of Defense. In the event of a RPvP War members of said Townships are the only ones allowed to Recall or Gate directly into that Townships Borders. (PRC Townships are responsible for detailing and announcing the IC Mechanics and Explanation for their Barrier; whether it be a magical ward set by a band of Mages or the blessings of Nature.)

All others are required to recall no closer than two screens from the designated border of that Township.
6. No Power Emotes. No Metagaming. No Godmoding.
I shouldn't need to elaborate.
7. In Character Death.
Death in Ultima Online is cheap and without consequence when a character can be ressurected with a wave of the hand.

Thus all 'Deaths' are to be considered Grave Injuries and IC Unconciousness.

The True Death is where the player has determined that their characters life is to end in a much more permanent fashion. Only the Characters Player can determine when the True Death is appropriate.


Babbling Loonie
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Re: The Baja Roleplayers Alliance. [Revised Mission Statement and Rules of Conduct]

The Baja Roleplayers Alliance [BRPA]
Also known as the Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance [BRPA] and the Baja Roleplaying Community [BRC].

Stone Master:
Nicholas the Old [WarderDragon].

Nicholas the Old [WarderDragon].

Wildstar [DWN, D-G, GOV], Magdalena [QSA], Brytt Heathard [Gold], Xanthe De Orlig [CoA, HoA, Vrtx, OoC], Brackus [TGOB], Grey Holland [RoR], Ceno Cottonwood [K T, SHDW], the Count of Berg and Amber Witch [SOB], Anya the Gypsy [GPSY], Xel the Wanderer [XEN], War Wizard / Sid Vicious [COR], Gareth [EVI], Yisenda [T.F].

Leadership Structure:
I, WarderDragon am the Founder and Leader of the Alliance. I lead with the Aid and Council of Roleplaying Guild Leaders, Establishment Owners and Community Elders.

Guild Type:
RPvP (Roleplaying and Player vs. Player Combat) & Storyline.

Recruitment Process:
See the Leader of the Guild you wish to join for individual requirements. If you wish to join the BRPA Master Stone, see WarderDragon.

The Alliance is open to all roleplayers and semi-roleplayers in good standing with the Baja Community.

Age Requirement:
No. We measure our members by their actions as opposed to physical age.

New Player Friendly:

Activity Level:

Primary Facet:
The Old World (Felucca).

Primary Bank:
The First Britain Bank of New Britannia (West Britain Bank in Trammel).

Faction Status:

Faction Affiliation:
Not Applicable. Guilds might have indirect IC affiliations with certain factions (e.g. Town Guards of Britain would be friendlier with True Britannians than a Shadowlord), but as a whole the Alliance is OOC and Neutral.

Allies & Friends:
Elf Clan Zanthes [EcZ], Swords of Sacrifice [S*S], The New Alliance [T'nA].

The Ethereal Void Imperium Alliance and the PaxLair Statehood Alliance on Chesapeake. The Twilight Fellowship on Pacific.

Seeking Alliances:
Open to Alliances with Baja and Cross Shard Roleplaying Communities. See WarderDragon.

Enemies & Rivals:

Yes. But Wars exist only for the purpose of roleplayed storylines with conditions laid out to protect the safety and well being of Alliance Members.

The majority of RPvP will take place between Allied Guilds and Factions. (e.g. Town Guards versus Redcap Gang War.)

Scheduled Events:
* The BRPA Taming Hour (Sundays at 8:00 PM PST).
* The Golden Brew Tavern Night (Mondays at 6:00 PM PST).
* The All Shards Tavern Night (Tuesdays at 6:00 PM PST).
* More TBA.





Power Scroll, Stat Scroll, Peerless Loot:
Agreed upon before Raids by Participants.

We have a history of disbanding the party about midway through a Peerless Boss thus allowing each participant their own loot table and distribution based on their contributions to the fight.

Event Moderator Storyline Participation:

Perceived Alignment:
Not Applicable. Alliance Guilds each have their own ethos and purpose. (i.e. DWN and TGOB might be Lawful Neutral, the Order of the Crow might be Neutral Evil.)

Political Affiliation:
Not Applicable. Guilds develop and maintain their own IC affiliations and causes.

Casca Storyline Status:
Not Applicable. Guilds chose their stances based on IC decisions and ethos.

Gargoyle Storyline Status:
Not Applicable. Guilds chose their stances based on IC decisions and ethos.


Peak Times:
4:30-10:00PM PST (Mondays-Fridays). 5:00-9:00PM PST (Sundays).

The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance Forums on UOStratics.

MyUO Page:
The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance Roster

Best Method to Contact Guild Leadership:
Private Message WarderDragon or WildStar via UOStratics or UOForums.
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