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"The Adventures of the United Pirates, [UP]"

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

"Blast her with a broadside Mr. Toady", said Capt. Trin as they passed the slower merchant vessel a second time. "Use a round of grapeshot at the next passin' Yellowbeard, he bellowed, that'll bring her masts down, I means ta sink her for sure mates!" Loggins prepared a boarding party of the scum of crew that were free from cannon duty, "ready at yer word Capt'n, he shouted", and all too soon was drowned out by the cannon burst!"
Jimmy Bones was the first to swing out and lay a grapplin' hook into the merchant's side, "Away mates, let's take her cargo and treasure!" Jim said, then he dropped on her deck, cutlus tearing at the frightened merchant crew. Before ya could say, "Jimmy Bones" the fight was over and the captured merchant was now the prize of Capt. Trinsic's crew.
"Perhaps I won't sink her after all mates!" "har, har"...the pirate crew laughed heartily and quickly divied up the booty. Trin asign'd Aneirin and Bain to bring the merchant back to Red Skull Bay, wheres they could all hoist back an ale at this days catch.
"Well done mates,. twas a good day for the crew of the Jolly, was it not?" The crew drank through the night, and remembered their mates who have been with them for other adventures. "Here be a drink to Capt. "Hawkeye" Pike, God bless his soul! and to Hook, that "Sea Dog" And every good pirate that sailed from the Jolly to adventure with us," and all raised a bottle to Pike and his scurvy crew that night, till twas dawn.

The adventures of the United Pirates continues...


Stratics Veteran
Blind Tom you scurvy, scum, you must have some parrot in your pirate bones blabbing our adventures. The truth is I always enjoy a good story and a toast to Pirates past.

*Brup* I have been cleaning my compounds and keep coming across items that will make for a good get together at the Jolly. We will need to find a good cook to prepare some of the items like dog brains, and unborn puppy, they seem well preserved in the pickle juice they are stored in. *smacks lips* Perhaps one of our mates have some octopus that can be made into stew. *hmmmm, good*

I am sure we can count on Legolas to supply the best brew for this gathering were we can toast our past, present, and future. *farts*

Keep the stories coming parrot, great job Blind Tom.