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EM Fiction The Adventures of Simon Seagull


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Poor Simon Seagull was lost at sea, chased by the horrible Zugs and sea serpents galore.

Barley managing to escape, he found himself in a strange land. Thankfully the inhabitants of this land were very helpful and helped poor Simon repair his ship while they searched for the land he called home.

The Royal Guards managed to locate the Island of the Fuddy Wuddy's and called upon the Citizens of Origin to help Simon get home.​



Hopping on board his little vessel, we were transported to his small home island of the Fuddy Wuddy's. He had warned us beforehand that he feared his clan's mortal enemies the Zug's had taken over his home and feared for his family....and unfortunately his fears were realized.


His island home was destroyed, and there was no sign of his friends or family. But that wasn't even the worst news...it seems that the Fuddy Wuddy Prince had been kidnapped by the evil Zugs.


And they had left a note nailed to a pole of skulls demanding payment for the Prince.


Simon was very distraught, unsure of what to do. The citizens of Origin assured him that they would find the Prince and save him from the evil Zugs, for which Simon was very grateful!

Until next time...Simon rests in uneasiness as he fears for his friends, family and the Fuddy Wuddy Prince Elmure.​