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EM Site Feed Thanksgiving Event Part 1

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Chef O’Gok has been asked by the King to prepare a grand Banquit and as usual, he is at it again! The Chef has been fattening up the Turkeys with his special tonics. Unfortunetly they have mutated and escaped from captivity. This is where you come in! We need some brave souls to scout the lands and locate these Turkeys! If you find them, do not startle them! Record their locations in a journal and submit the journal to EM Xanthus’ mailbox once you have found them all! There are 30 Turkeys missing! The first to submit the most turkeys will be recognized in teh form of a plaque in the reward hall. You have from now, until the 30th of November!

I hope everyone has a great Happy Thanksgiving!

EM Xanthus

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Here a few for anyone else to copy in a book
11-23-180001.jpg 11-23-180002.jpg 11-23-180003.jpg 11-23-180004.jpg 11-23-180005.jpg 11-23-180006.jpg 11-23-180007.jpg 11-21-180028.jpg 11-21-180029.jpg 11-21-180030.jpg 11-21-180031.jpg 11-21-180034.jpg 11-22-180001.jpg 11-22-180007.jpg
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