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Just wanted to thank everyone that came to Papua last night and helped us clean up the last of the spawn that was there on the fel side. It was nice to see people in fel working together. I wish i could remember who was all there so i could thank everyone by name but my memory is a little fuzzy right now. It started with Sinster a mamber of my guild (LSN) running through T2A to see what the spawns looked like. As he ran past Papua he decided to start killing stuff. He then asked us to come help him to see if we could get it all cleaned up. The LS/LSG/LSN alliance started working to kill as many of the big snakes as we could. After a while we were joined by a few more people. Some of witch were not showing guild tags, others were members of FL. There were reds and blues all fighting side by side, cross healing and working together.
Thanks again for helping rid Origin of the snakes that have been long gone on other shards.


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Ohh man you killed them??? That was one of the things that made Origin special...we had spawn that noone else did...DANG IT! *Glares*

Ah well, there's still the spawn in Fel Terra Keep *grins*


Congratulations! Job well done and it is wonderful to see everyone working together to get something done for the shard. Big congratz to everyone!