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[Suggestion] Test Center population


Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
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Just a thought...

So many people play test center, and only test center now, because you can pvp there without having to spend alot of tiem getting your supplies, and gear, or work skills.

What would the thoughts be about reverting test center, every day or so, to try to get these people to come back to production shards?

prodo shards pvp is having less and less people, but test center is just hopping.

Any thoughts to this? i also like how people change templates mid fight by having macros that change their skills lol.


I'd actually be all for 3 "test shards or so, US, Asia and Europe. The difference from prodo shards would be that they would only have felucca, no ilshenar, malas, tokuno, sa etc, and that you would be forced to join a faction as soon as you create a character.
Would be fun to have a shard where you can be sure you will find PvP at all times.

Stupid idea perhaps, but I blame it on no sleep.