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Teleport Hub Protection Spell



Teleport Hub Protection Spell
Monday, June 28, 2010
Kijustsu Anei Village

By: Merik

The Society of Honorius lead by Lady CaT and Lord Gareth, reacted to the undead invasion forces by crasting a undead barrier spell upon the community teleport hub. Honorius Guardians (level 7 mages) have been assigned to the area to keep the field maintained. We heard lady CaT quietly speaking to Lord Gareth about how long this field could withstand constant undead attacks. The spell itself entailed a few special items and the casting of a very uncommon spell.

"Kal Corp Ort"
"Por Corp Ort"
"In Vas Corp Ort Rel"
"Uus Uus Vas Ort Sanct Grav"

The spell seemed to stir some activeness within the Tokuno Well of souls that is controlled by the Honorius Society. The well errupted with black mist as unknown objects fell from the sky. After a few hours Lady CaT identified the statues at Undead Protection Statues.

We will keep an eye on the situation within Aryslan, The Well of Souls (Fel) and the community teleport hub.


Lord Gareth

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Undead Barrier Spell

-Dark Power Source

Used to create a barrier field to block undead from entering. Usable in a house or outside 6x6 area.

Kal Corp Ort
Por Corp Ort
In Vas Corp Ort Rel
Uus Uus Vas Ort Sanct Grav

Barrier Field May Attract Large Bugs and Insects.
Barrier Field strength decreases over time.
Barrier Field strength decreases with repeated Undead attempts to break through.

**OOC Information**
The Tokuno Well of Souls can be tapped as a Power source.
(Please contact CaT or Gareth for Tokuno Well of Souls use.)

Barrier Field Spell Levels
Master Mage - 1
Grandmaster Mage - 2-4
Elder Mage - 5-7
Legendary Mage - 8-10
Level 11 Reserved for Event Moderators.

** **
Summon Death Magic
Move Death Magic
Make Great Death Magic Change
Rise Up Great Magic Protection Field