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Tavern Night a Hub of Activity!


Luna Rossa

The Iron Bandit Inn was quite active by the time Luna Rossa had arrived and Bam Bam was busily attending to the patrons even some new faces seemed to be among the tavern crowd. Luna Rossa pleasantly greeted those already engaged in their merriment and took a seat at the table nearest the entrance.

More and more patrons wandered in and out and soon Kaiko arrived and joined Luna Rossa at the table. Kaiko, her boots still filled with water, had just returned from Zedland where she had been doing some preliminary work for the upcoming expedition.

Kaiko and Luna Rossa had been in deep discussion over the expedition when Kaiko called the Magistrate Mirt over to inquire about guards for the expedition. He replied that it sounded like it would be something that Commander Manshoon should address so he will be notified as such.

Luna Rossa said she would leave a note for Midnight Moon regarding the expedition on Friday as she was positive that the alchemist and scholar in Midnight Moon would be thoroughly intrigued.

Shortly after, Lady CaT had arrived she began to discuss openly about discovering an old spell at the Lyceum in Moonglow that could summon Sinthe from the Well of Souls. Sinthe had been tricked by Gareth into jumping into the well after a hat and she had not been seen or heard from since. Gareth, on the other hand, had now made strong enemies of the savages and the only way they would allow Gareth to remain living would be to have Sinthe returned.

Lord Jamlyn Hakkendyn of Arsylan Resurrection in at this time to voice his concerns at this ritual. The Arsylan people were all too familiar with the dealing of lost souls and the prospect of the undead. Lady CaT acknowledged his concerns and said they were noted but she felt this ceremony needed to be performed for the savages and to keep Gareth alive.

Lady Cat suggested that we all join her at her tower for the ritual in which she would attempt to retrieve Sinthe from the Well of Souls.

Cautiously all entered Lady CaT's Tower of Souls to witness the ritual which Lady CaT had discovered in the dusty tombs of the library. She advised all to move back given the powerful engeries she was about to release and ritual that would be performed.

With incantations and mystical activity filling the room slowly shapes began to form as Lady CaT continued to chant and attempt to pull Sinthe from the Well of Souls. Finally after many spells and incantations, Sinthe was grabbed and pulled from where she had been entombed. Quickly she needed her life force restored and her body healed. Sinthe was quite disoriented and lashed out at those she feared were responsible for her entrapment and Lady CaT needed to put her under a sleep spell so that she could be calmed and taken away to the savage huts to recooperate. Niva the Savage and Magistrate Mirt were assisting her and heading out the door when something else slipped through the rift which Lady CaT had opened in order to retrieve Sinthe. It had the shape of a minotaur and quickly fled through the open door and disappeared into the night.

This is but one of the dangers that had troubled Lord Jamlyn Hakkendyn about the risks involved in the performing of such a ritual. The Gods only know what else could and would follow in the days to come.