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Tales of the Heart


Stratics Veteran
Nothing could prepare her for the loneliness she had felt over the last few years. It honestly felt like something huge was missing from her heart. Of course you never do get the pieces quite back the same way after you've given them to someone. They often come back crumpled, broken, stepped on, and sometimes just plain shattered.

Growing up as a servant never really bothered her much. She learned to do her job and do it without complaint. During this time, Callista learned many skills she would need later in life. She knew how to cook, how to sew, how to clean, and she also knew how to put a smile on her face even when faced with the worst situations. The constant beatings and ****s were a good reminder she was still alive. She had seen far worse for others who failed to obey. After her escape, Callista had given birth to the most beautiful son a mother could love. Brown hair and blue-eyes, she loved him like no other. Unfortunately, he was the first of many to leave her too early. At only five months of age, Alex had succumbed to sickness, taking the first chunk of Calli's heart with him.

After awhile, things had looked up for the young woman as she became a knight in the Purple Guardians of Honor. Callista loved her job and was falling head over heals over one of her superiors. Mareak had taken time with her and even helped to teach her how to hold a sword properly. They went on many hunts together and this crush bloomed into love. She was taken aback as Mareak proposed to her in front of many bystanders during a bards night. Kodoz, their dear friend and Emperor, was asked to perform the ceremony then and there, to which he graciously obliged. It was beautiful and gorgeous and perfect in her eyes, even if she was married in her armor rather than a dress. She had finally found the happiness she had been seeking. But, as how with most things, all good things must come to an end. One day, Mareak left and never returned, taking the second chunk of her heart.

So Callista traveled all over Sosaria visiting shops, resting on beaches, helping with the orphanages, etc. After awhile, she could feel some of herself coming back together. Her smiles were real again and her friends made her truly laugh. Maybe this world wasn't so bad after all. She was loved, truly loved by her guild mates and friends. Then he walked into her life. Dark and mysterious, Callista could not help but fall for the handsome Mystic. She tried so hard to hide her heart from him, to which he promised he would never leave her. And she gave her heart away to this beautiful man, who could make her melt with his beautiful smile and a wink. They were eventually engaged after his many long work stays on Earth. But, alas, the wedding was never to be, and she found herself wondering what was wrong with her.

Almost, almost again she gave her heart away only to be protected by her best friend falling for another, Gillian. She would never tell him of how sleeping in his arms was the first restful slumber in a very long time. His happiness was too important for her, after all, she had a habit of running off the ones she loved the most. She would never truly lose Thom as long as he loved another. She did what she did best, she put on her smile, and wished him all the best in the world, to which she meant it. And now she had lost him too as he decided he no longer wish to be a Guardian and chose to make a new path in his life.

Now, she finds herself lost again. Not quite sure what to make of this world. She was so thankful to still be a part of the greatest guild in Sosaria. She would forever be a Guardian lest her dying breath stole this away from her as well. This was quite often threatened to come sooner than later by the threat of an undead who has been after her soul for many years. If it weren't for the fact he would use her body to do harm to her friends, she might have considered giving it over. So many times she has wondered what this life has to truly offer her, maybe her story was meant to be a tragedy, one of loved and lost but never completely loved. Perhaps her life was meant to be given in sacrifice for her fellow men, a story to be told generations to come over a cold drink in the taverns.