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Sworn 2 None Casual NA Eastern Time Zone PvX Guild




PvE */ PvP / Casual N.A. Guild

Sworn 2 uphold our standards, we walked the desolate lands in search of honor and our divine retribution.
Forced by the hands of the wicked and venomous souls that plauged freedom and integrity, we were forged. From this, our rage and common faith to prevail with justice banded us together. We walked the lands challenging the foes that had raised havoc on the people. We will prevail and evil will relinquish its embrace . We are kings of our destiny. We are Sworn 2 None.

Currently we are recruiting for major roles within the guild.
If you have prior MMO experience or just strong leadership skills and will to learn and teach others, we have a place for you. Don't fret, we also have a warm welcome for all players interested in exceeding and helping to grow and expand our forces.

Sworn 2 None beginning and mission statement.

Sworn 2 None was officialy founded late in the year of 2004.
We have played multiple games throughout the years. The Guild was founded by DaGrimManprior to 2004 and has been operated by him for the life of the guild. We are currently re-opening the guild as of 6-20-2012. As most of the gaming that took place prior to 2004 was irrelevent to the future we had made. We at Sworn 2 None pride ourselves on being a small but powerful guild. We have a wide range of decent members with a range of backgrounds. Our main goal is to always use respect towards all including opposing factions. We surround ourselves with mature young adults ranging from 16 all the way to late 60's.We have forged many endless freindships through our gaming community and every member becomes more then that as we grow as a family. S2N was a multi game guild at one point but due to lack of time and restrictions we have dropped to only the up and coming Guild Wars 2. Our members display some of the best commitment, orginization and training skills around. We have been known to take on the unhelpful and establish them as a true competitive and well rounded gamer. No one is ever turned away based on their gaming experience. We do however dislike when gaming becomes unfair. Examples, are others who hack. We at S2N will not tolerate hacking and cheaters and strive to keep our members honorable and honest in all aspects of game play.

Guild Features

We have a commercial grade website with forums and so much more: Our forums and site vary in many ways. We have a full functional arcade for the times when you may be bored and awaiting server maintenance or any down time. We also use the arcade for semi guild events just to have a change of pace from time to time. Our forums are full of categories to meet the needs of our community. Your not limited to just official Guild Wars 2 Forums we do offer general and technical forums as well as, talk about other games. Our community is of great help in these forums also.

We offer semi commercial grade voice service: At the moment we are using Raidcall voice services. We have no limit on available room and it is a low latency voice service. In the past we used TeamSpeak 3 and in the near future will be migrating to a commercial grade TeamSpeak 3 Server. We use our voice chat for several things. We hold voice meetings, raids, PvP, leveling groups and so much more within our voice server. General hang out for all members of the guild as well.

Scheduled Events: We will be scheduling a lot of different events for the guild. We have a full featured calender that will display the events clearly for all guild members. Events will range from GvG, World, PvP, Arcade, Guild Sparring and so many more events. We will hold contests on a monthly or weekly rotation and will have some nice rewards for certain events we do.

More to come as we grow.
If interested please apply at our guild website. Link provided above and below post. Please 16 or older.. Thank you for your interest in Sworn 2 None. We hope to hear from you.

http://sworn2none.com Official website
Our Official Facebook page